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Default Rare X3 DVD help

In the DOFP forum I read this:
Originally Posted by ShadowBoxer View Post
BTW anyone remember the X Men 3 DVD release were there was a mistake and some of the DVD's had a ton of extra deleted scenes Fox was trying to hold for a extended edition. I lucked out and got one of the DVD copies with those deleted scenes. It would have been cool if Fox made the same mistake and with this release and put the Rouge scenes on this release ha.
Did this one have the physic dialogue sequence between Jean and Xavier and Phoenix starting to disintegrate people at Magnetos camp? I remember seeing these when I rented the DVD but I can't find that scene again.

What were the other ones never seen before? Any clues to spotting a copy?

Found a list of them. I need to find this DVD again
Pheonix destruction- this is just an extended scene of when she goes dark pheonix towards the end of the movie

Pheonix vs Prof x- same scene, just with inner voices playing out the conflict too, as well as physically

Pheonix demonstraits her power at the camp- she demonstraits her power at mag's camp, and nearly k!lls everyone with a nuclear type blast- magneto clearly has trouble controling her

Magneto asks for Jean's help- during the last battle, Magneto demans Jean to help. Jean doesnt respond. he demans again but she just replies ''you sound like him again''. magneto clearly doesnt control her.

Pheonix detects a scared young girl on the golden gate bridge

magneto tortures wolverine- we see pheonix is affected by this

pyro warns magneto that the cure has been announced (one shot with magneto clean shaven, once with beard)

x men boarding the blackboard before the last f!ght- wolverine debating with the younger x men if they should come or not.

iceman freezes Phat- a brief battle with iceman freezing phat before colossus shatters him with a punch

storm creates a wave- final battle, storm creates a wave to engulf the enemy then electrifys the water

extended battle at jeans house- more juggernaught/wolvie

alternate first meeting of beast and wolvie

here's juggy- alternate take of im the juggernaught *****, with a reference to the shining

beast calls trask to warn him of magnetos plans

shadowcat/bobby kiss while skating

alt. ending- rogue didnt take the cure, her and bobby embrace

alt ending'- new school year, beast returns to teach and leech arrives at the school

brief shot of leech in the lab

and another good one

alternate ending: logan returns to canda- and ends up in the same bar from the first movie, with the same bar tender (''i remember you!'' ) and orders a beer, even though its closed. tendery says ''you got caught in a bad storm'', and wolvie replies, ''yeah....i did''

When the last vampire are extinct, who will mourn our passing? Will she? Will anyone? Can anyone understand this pain, this loneliness?

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