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aka Goran
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Default "Ragnarok" a means to recast?

At the press event Feige said that "Thor: Ragnarok" is a very important movie in their upcoming slate of films. He kinda mentioned that casually, but what if there's more to this statement?

I'm not too familiar with the comics' Ragnarok, but iirc after all of the Asgardian gods had fallen, they became normal people living on earth. Not only that, they were looking differently too. So after Thor returned/woke up, he had to search anyone of them, and remember them that they were gods once. Am I right so far?

So, we know that the contracts of the MCU's actors won't last forever. They're expiring sooner or later. Of course there's still the possibility to prolong them. But what if MARVEL is planning to recast all of them instead? In that case, Ragnarok would be the ideal opportunity imo! After all Ragnarok means "end of all things"... Don't get me wrong, I'd rather have RDJ, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth and the others reprise their roles again and again, but it'd be foolish to believe that's going to happen. The other option is killing them off, which I'm not really keen on either.

If they're doing this, there are two ways:

1. After Ragnarok, have the heros be aware that they've changed. However I think that would take away from whatever storyline is happening in the respective film. It would take too much time for them realising it and finding out how to turn back normal again.

2. Have them go on as if nothing happened. Only the audience would be aware that new actors are playing the beloved roles. It could end up quite confusing, but I think it's the better way to go.

What do you think?

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Default Re: "Ragnarok" a means to recast?

The recasting would be done after Infinity War, besides if they make the likes of Strange BP and Captain Marvel as popular as the current members, there might not be any need for recasting just retire or kill the old characters.

I know people will say, they won't end their billion dollars franchises and stuff, but who says Strange won't become a billion dollar franchise who could replace Iron Man. And it's not like they can make loads and loads of films a year.

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Mike Murdock
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Default Re: "Ragnarok" a means to recast?

I haven't heard any rumblings of the Thor cast (Odin excepted) wanting to stop. I doubt they'll recast any time soon. Certainly, it's unlikely to be before Avengers 3/4.

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Default Re: "Ragnarok" a means to recast?

I look for the Ragnarok movie to be very different than the comic book story line in many ways..
Asgard will surely be decimated in the upcoming war with Surtur who I am sure will be main threat, but not everyone is going to die..
Asgard will be wrecked and weakened from the war to the point that it can no longer protect the nine realms without much needed time to rebuild its armies..
I look for Thor to remain behind as King to help rebuild and prepare for the upcoming battle with Thanos who will have gained the infinity gauntlet from the chaos and destruction at Asgard ...
Just my 2 cents..
I am still not 100% sure Odin is dead...His off screen death still seems a bit lazy for my taste...The all father does not go out with a whimper...
And to see Thor and Odin standing side by side in the battle for asgard would be a real treat...
Portman will return I am quite sure but her role is a mystery for me in Ragnarok, she (Jane)could still choose to stay with Thor on Asgard if she survives the war possibly as the New Queen should Thor take the throne...
Thor hinted of this in TDW....

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Default Re: "Ragnarok" a means to recast?

Yeah, I Don't think Odin's dead yet. I can see him being killed by Surtur like in the comics just before Thor becomes Lord Thor or Rune Thor

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Bob Newby: Superhero
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Default Re: "Ragnarok" a means to recast?

I think that by the end of Ragnarok, Thor will be King of Asgard, thus keeping him away from Earth for all but the biggest crises, i.e. Infinity War.

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Default Re: "Ragnarok" a means to recast?

I honestly don't see any recasts coming any time soon...even after the Infinity War. MS has made it pretty clear they intend to keep going forward. Recasts mean muddying things up & Marvel definitely wants to avoid that.

The only people who have expressed any interest in quitting have been Anthony Hopkins & Idris Elba. And considering the stupid complaints from the latter, I wouldn't care if he walked.

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