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Default What would you have done differently?

I probably would have not done this at this time.

I had a thought process for an X-Men movie every year. I had similar one for Spider-Man. Like Harry Potter.

I would have put out an X-Men 4 the year after X-Men: First Class with villains being the sentinels and master mold.

Then put out an X-Men: Second Class the following year with the Shadow King as the villain, who would be Charles' vengeful brother that has been trapped in the astral plane, who is in the vegetative state in the post credits scene in the last stand.

Then an X-Men: Apocalypse, which would be a first part of a two part story, that would end with Kitty suddenly being taken over by her future self, stealing technology from apocalypse and sending the X-Men to the future to protect them from being destroyed by apocalypse, ending the film with the X-Men being confronted by Cable, Rachel Summers, Bishop and others.

Then we would get X-Men: Third Class, with the villain being Mister Sinister that would end with Sinister giving Magneto the design for the mutant creating device that he uses in the first film and X-Men: Days Of Future Past.

What do you think? And what are your ideas? God bless you all! God bless everyone in your lives!

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Default Re: What would you have done differently?

I don't know really.

I feel like there should have been another movie with the OT cast before DOFP that directly shows us what really led to reactivation of the Sentinel program. Starting from the mid-credits scene of The Wolverine, then Kitty/Iceman/Colossus meeting up with Bishop/Blink/Sunspot/Warpath, Angel/Beast/Mystique being killed, Rogue being captured, Magneto reuniting with Professor X, the X-Mansion being turned into a Trask Industry facility, Kitty discovering her time travel powers for the first time. Those would have been really interesting to watch.

But if that happened, DOFP probably would have been released this year or next year. I think FOX just didn't want to wait any longer and just jumped to DOFP and a First Class sequel.

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Great Mind(s)
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Default Re: What would you have done differently?

I would have more or less done the actual opening for the DOFP comic. Kitty running through the streets, almost getting gang R-ed and Wolverine meeting up and kicking their asses.

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Default Re: What would you have done differently?

Personally, let Singer do both Superman and X3 years back. X3 (Phoenix) would have led to X4 (Days of Future Past) and then to X5 (Apocalypse). I suspect that was the plan all along. The cartoons at the time seemed to follow that thread and I believe Ms. Shuler Donner may have mentioned that at some point.

Presently, I think they've done their best at fixing the timeline and I think they have some good stuff to work with, if they don't screw up la X3 or FF again.

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Default Re: What would you have done differently?

I love DOFP but there are few things that I would have changed.

1) The story should have resembled the narrative of trailer #3. That is Logan was sent to bring together Xavier, Erik, and Raven. These are the most influential mutants and it is imperative that they join forces to ensure the survival of the mutant race.

What we got was high quality and enjoyable but too familiar. We've already seen a Magneto prison break. We've seen Magneto turning weapons against his human enemies. We've seen the Magneto double cross. Logan vs Magneto in the climax was very similar to the X3 scenes.

2) A slightly bigger future battle. When I first saw Trailer #2 and the X-Jet taking off behind Storm I thought for sure that there would be an aerial battle. Xavier piloting an armed Jet shooting down Sentinels with Magneto backing him up. Big players like Magneto and Storm got taken out of the battle too quickly. Iceman was side lined due to reshoots etc.

3) Wolverine vs Sentinels in Future and his iconic death scene. They should have found a way to make this happen.

4) The future setting: There should have been a scene with the X-men traversing through the ruins of New York City on foot. Perhaps substitute the bunker scene with the X-men rescuing Kitty from the internment camp. I'm pretty sure there was a pic on the viral website that had Kitty wearing an inhibitor collar.

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