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Default Any Chance They Cut Darcy and Her Intern From Thor 3?

Please? It takes away from the focus of the story, and from the awesome other-worldly stuff in Thor's universe. This is not a slight on Dennings/whoever played the intern, but they just don't deserve such prominent roles in Thor movies. Honestly I hope there are no scenes on Midgard in Thor 3 but unfortunately I doubt that happens.

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Default Re: Any Chance They Cut Darcy and Her Intern From Thor 3?

I wish...there was already less Earth in TDW compared to Thor,so hopefully this trend continues in Thor 3.

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Default Re: Any Chance They Cut Darcy and Her Intern From Thor 3?

I can't imagine that they will not have some Midgard scenes. Thor is very closely connected to Midgard and it feels like they will want to use that connection, both for his character and for his involvement with the Avengers. I think they feel that it grounds the fantastical stuff when they use Midgard as something to get context from.

I do hope we get more of the other realms though.

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Default Re: Any Chance They Cut Darcy and Her Intern From Thor 3?

I have no problems with the earth scenes, but find the over-abundance of comedy on them problematic for the film's tone. I like Kat Dennings and Darcy, but feel the scenes should be limited or have some grounding in drama. Humor is like salt; it's far more forgiveable to under-salt something, than to bury it under an avalanche of it.

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Default Re: Any Chance They Cut Darcy and Her Intern From Thor 3?

I agree with you, Manhunter. In my dream plot, Thor would only be on Midgard for the exposition. It isn't because I hate Kat Dennings or anything (although she's not my favorite part of the franchise by any means), it's more that I'd really like to see Thor interacting with some different characters across the 9 realms. Darcy (and now Ian) just take too much screen time IMO. I'd like that time to be used introducing new characters or developing Thor further as a character.

Think about CA:TWS. Much of the supporting cast was new, and the film felt very fresh and exciting. I want Thor 3 to be the quintessential Thor film, like TWS feels (to many) like the perfect Cap film. For that, I think we need some fresh blood so Thor 3 feels fresh after TDW.

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