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Default Bruce's Love Interest

Taking Catwoman out of the equation, the films have been pretty evenly split in terms of giving us original love interests (Chase Meridian, Rachel) and ones from the comics (Vicki Vale, Julie Madison).

Personally, I'd like to see a comic-based love interest this time around. Maybe Silver St. Cloud. Maybe Vicki again. Maybe Jezebel Jet or Sasha Bordeaux.

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Default Re: Bruce's Love Interest

I wouldn't mind seeing Vicki Vale again. Been a while since we've seen her in a movie & I'd like to see who could bring a modern version of that character to life.

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smallville fan
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Default Re: Bruce's Love Interest

In another thread, I've suggested Jennifer Aniston as Vicki Vale. Seeing as Batman's older and his supporting cast are portrayed by A-listers, maybe it should reflect it?

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Default Re: Bruce's Love Interest

Personally... I am completely over love interests in super hero movies, just done! Are they really required? I mean some of the best comics do not have a romance at all like I dunno The Dark Knight Returns? Venom? Year One? And I could on and on. It has been done okay in some films like in Iron Man 1 they were setting up the romance. The Amazing Spider-Man films (say what you will) have the only on-screen romance of comic book movies I give a crap about both characters as individuals and as a couple. Overall, it seems this romances are just shoe horned in.
Chase Meridian in Batman Forever was sooooooo boring. And I like Nicole Kidman, it wasn't her fault her character was just ... ugh.
Then you get the forgettable Julie Madison in Batman & Robin. Neat that they went back to the golden age to bring us a love interest but she had what - 2 scenes?
Then you have Rachel. I think we can all agree nobody cares about her in the Katie Holmes sense. But I think it is fair to say we all knew her and Bruce were not getting back together and that she was going to die. What is interesting is she became a stand in in Batman Begins for Harvey Dent which they had originally planned, but decided to save him for the sequel, invent a new character and ugh a "love interest". I would argue you could have kept Harvey and his downfall in the follow-up and still have the same effect. It worked before in TAS and the comics in regards to Two-Face, where the woman involved was linked ONLY to Dent and not the Batman.

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Default Re: Bruce's Love Interest

I don't want him to have any love interest. Some kind of an on and off relationship with Catwoman should be enough and would do just fine.

Not just that it's overused and rarely brings anything important or interesting to the story, but also, considering this is mature Batman in this universe, he's supposed to be aware that he's not a material for relationships and the pointlessness of trying to pursuit them by now. Besides he should be too invested in his mission at this point to even consider it.

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Richard Grayson
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Default Re: Bruce's Love Interest

I'd like to see Talia in a more classic role where she and Bruce bang even though they're on opposite sides. They could do a Damian Wayne introduction

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