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Default The Amazing Spiderman 3: Plot Predictions and Wishes Thread

Not sure if this thread is up somewhere else, but with TASM2 starting to screen in audiences around the world, the obvious next question is "where to now?"

Some BIG things have happened to Peter Parker, and it comes down to personal interpretation as to whether he has actually overcome these things by the end of the film. What we DO know is that big things are about to be happening in Peter's life, things that'll really define the Webb Trilogy

Obviously Gwen's death was a huge moment in the franchise, how do you replace the Stone factor? How do you bring in a love interest without dissapointing fans? Do you make the love interest more "friend like?"

Who will the villains be? Could we have a Sinister six in TASM3? Or will it be another couple of villians, possibly playing off the aspects of loss. I'd personally love to see any of Mysterio, Chameleon, Vulture or Doc Ock play a role with Harry's Green Goblin.

Last time, users like SuperJim predicted huge plots points. It's always great to have a thread where we can put on a directors hat and share our wishes for the direction of the film. Who knows, maybe Mark Webb might lurk around here to see what the fans like?


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Default Re: The Amazing Spiderman 3: Plot Predictions and Wishes Thread

I think going back to all the folk like me who are hoping to learn how Man In Shadows vanished in & out of Dr Connors cell may well be due to him holding a possible holocube.

My reasons

1 - ASM2 when we see Harry hold onto and later on get an electric shock (Electro's not inside the cube by the way) from that Oscorp cube like device could be a Holocube or others like it may exist that give us artificial images, illusions etc.

2 - When we see MIS close up in ASM you notice he rubs his hand while other is concealed by his hat. Maybe just maybe he actually had one of Oscorps cubes and received a shock & to make it look as if he were inside the cell.

3 - I noticed the face on the moon when Spidey smashes through clocktower cealing that the moon looks evil almost grinning but next shot the moon is clear. This version of Mysterio is what it may have resembled. just a guess mind you.

Again this makes me wonder if Webb is teasing us Mysterio or somesort of link to his character for ASM3.

If those who have seen both these films have a similar idea or also noticed what I think may well be the link to Man In Shadows, Mysterio & Oscorp feel free to add your views here.

I don't have a huge problem if Mysterio's holocubes were already in production at Oscorp at all but again I know all too well that some would prefer him be not tied to Oscorp.

Also Webb is no fool he would not have added those few glimpses of Capt Stacey throughout movie.

I was literally on egg shells with those few scenes and the last one where he was grinning like The Joker got my senses tingling! lol.

Andrew Garfield has proven to be a super actor with grief & confusion scenes so Webb I think can risk giving Andrew a more darker yet rewarding script for his last outing.

What you think?

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Default Re: The Amazing Spiderman 3: Plot Predictions and Wishes Thread

I'd like to see them not ruin Venom. I think that could be awesome if done properly.

Feel free to shoot me a PM and tell me what you think of my idea for a possible sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming with Daredevil!

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Well, he was.
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Default Re: The Amazing Spiderman 3: Plot Predictions and Wishes Thread

I want to see a larger cast of people in Peters life. A roommate, small group of friends ect...

At the moment he only has is Aunt May.


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