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Default Re: Transformers 4 Twitter Reactions/Critic Review Thread

Originally Posted by batman1 View Post
It wasn't the 12th it was the 4th movie. And it wasn't the Rock it was Marky Mark.
It was something.
I'd figure I'd use extremes to illustrate the point in a way the truth clearly hasn't. For example number 4 has often been said and proven to be the fatigue point is a serviceable franchise, if number 3 hasn't already(and 3 has been often), that's 'something'. 'Marky Mark' is a more accomplished actor and bigger on his own draw and more 'popular' right now than Shia(the current media wreck) ever was. That's 'something'.
Just what it is, like I said, is hard to say.

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Default Re: Transformers 4 Twitter Reactions/Critic Review Thread

Originally Posted by Erzengel View Post
-The Raid 1/2 - Agreed, great movies, the knock against it is they are foreign Asian film and the highest grossing one I think was Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
-Expendables(1 or 2, can't remember which one got the positive scores) Expendables 2 got 61% but it was also an August release. There's only been a handful of films that have made $200 or above released in August.
-The Crank films Both Cranks got over 60% positive. I can't find any reason why this didn't do better other than possible star power.
-Face Off(remember that film getting really high scores even though I found it to be nonsense corny but awesome action)I mean this was in the Top 11 for 1997, and there were only 5 movies that made $175 and above
-Last Stand(more recently saw it in a free screening)An older Schwarzenegger who doesn't have the bo
-Blade2 Blade 2 got 59% on RT, which I'm kinda surprised at because I'd rank this as one of the better CBM movies.
-Tropic thunder(lots of action) Tropic Thunder, another August release
-predators Predators 65% postive, it was a good movie
-dusk till dawn I saw this in the movies in 96, but I don't really remember it being really being promoted. Felt this was more of a cult movie.
-Rumble in the Bronx I think this was Jackie Chan's first "American" film but again for the most part films with Asian leads don't do as well in the States
-Under siege Under Siege is a 92 movie. It did decent for it's time. Only a couple action movies made more and Steven Seagal has never been a top box office draw
-Shanghai noon and sequel I know Chan has done well with the Rush Hours but I think the premise wasn't there
-A bunch of Chans other dubbed north american transfers I'm sure Again, most Asian films don't really do that well with some exceptions
-Rush hour Was the highest grossing action movie that year
-Commando This was before Schwarzenegger hit it big.
-Machete Could be Tujo as the main character
-Once upon a time in mexico(only theater experience I ever passed out in) The El Mariachi trilogy is more of a cult film, I felt. Even with Johnny Depp staring in the last movie, I don't think most people even realized this was the 3rd movie.
-death proof Grindhouse movies were a 3 hour + affair
-Pacific Rim Pacific Rim I feel should have done much better

I think there's a variety of excuses why a lot of these movies didn't do well. Foreign movies, star power and lack of marketing or bad release date.

There's only a couple of movies of why I can't think it didn't do better like the Expendables.
Sorry Erzengel but I'm confused, I was working under the premise of well reviewed(that by the way meaning mixed to high as opposed to 17%). Not so much financial success for my list would have been even more decisive.

Also, I do find the 'cult' status as a talking point interesting, usually in how it defends things. At some point these TF films are going to be deserving of that, if only with a far larger 'cult' behind them.

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Default Re: Transformers 4 Twitter Reactions/Critic Review Thread

What is funny about these critic arguments is how excited fans get when critics like one of these popcorn movies that actually gets great reviews as well, be it Spider-Man 2, The Avengers, Captain America 2, The Dark Knight Avatar, etc.

"This is true. This is real. This . . . Is . . . Straight Edge."

- CM Punk
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Default Re: Transformers 4 Twitter Reactions/Critic Review Thread

Originally Posted by Lord View Post
You're talking about films that were designed to feature action, but the problem with them is that this mostly takes away from character development and actual plot in order to feature gratuitous action scenes. Complaining that a film like Transformers isn't as loved by the critics as something like Before Sunrise or Her for example is kinda weird
Europa Report is one of my favourite 2013 movies, it has no action scenes until the very last scene.

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