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Default Blue Beetle Series on CW

This isn't a real show but I think it would be a great show for the CW network. The show will star Ted Kord, owner of Kord Industries (Shown in Arrow already) where Ted is a man who wants nothing more than see Arrow and other heroes captured so he uses his tech and wealth creating Kord Systems to help Star City and Central City police stop the heroes for being outside the law but this is only to throw off suspicion when he is forced to become a hero himself after the murder of his best friend in front of him who reveals that he is a vigilante but never seen. He finds the hidden room in friends home with a suit, weapons and tech which he has Ray Palmer help update for his needs and trains himself to become Blue Beetle. He then uses Kord Systems to aid the heroes defend each city while running his company on the side and providing heroes what they need. He designs the flying beetle vehicle to get around and provide support to everyone.

Not sure who to cast in these roles, costumes, etc so put here if you like.

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Default Re: Blue Beetle Series on CW

*cough* You might want to edit your thread title to make it clear that this is speculation and wishing, not news and discussion about an actual project, or even an actual rumor.

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Default Re: Blue Beetle Series on CW

on reading the title of the thread, that was MY assumption, also, that a Blue Beetle series was being planned for tv... what a dirty, misleading trick that turned out to be...

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Default Re: Blue Beetle Series on CW

It is misleading. I remember rumors of the character being introduced likely in Legends a while back but not as a series. This thread initially confused me too.

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