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Default Charlie Hunnam's King Arthur vs Peter Jackson's Sauron

Today, I'd like to post a match-up between two of fantasy's most iconic and legendary characters. Both have had multiple adaptations done of their work, both are the title characters of most of their franchises and both define what it means to be a fantasy badass.

In one corner, JRR Tolkein's Sauron. The Necromancer, Gorthaur the Cruel, the Enemy. The Lord of the Rings.

In the other, Britain's very own Arthur Pendragon. The High King of the Britons, vanquisher of the Saxons, the victor of Badon Hill. The Once and Future King.

Here we'll be seeing a hand-to-hand fight between the Sauron in Peter Jackson's film trilogy and the King Arthur played by Charlie Hunnam in Guy Ritchie's criminally underrated 'King Arthur: Legend of the Sword'.

Sauron is a beast. Virtually unstoppable while wielding the One Ring, the spiky dark lord sends entire groups of men and elves flying with his black mace. In deleted concepts he burns Gil-Galad or one of his retainers to a crisp with his burning, ring-clad hand. His armor is never tested onscreen, but one can easily guess that it would take more than just any normal broadsword to even put a chink in Sauron's defenses.

Only when his connection to the One Ring is severed is he vanquished.

Put simply, Excalibur in Guy Ritchie's film is that one weapon you'll grind endlessly for in an RPG until your hands are sore and you've fought the same boss a dozen times. Uther and his son Arthur are juggernauts with the sword, repelling dark magic and wiping out small armies with ease.

Only the dark magics of Mordred and Vortigern pose any challenge to the power of Excalibur, and when Arthur finally masters the sword both he and Vortigern are godlike as they try to smack the hell out of each other.

The goal of the battle is simple:

Sauron is clad in full armor, wielding his mace. Arthur is fully experienced and wearing his father Uther's armor, carrying Excalibur. Sauron is trying to kill the hell out of Arthur, and Arthur is trying to find enough of an opening to slash the One Ring from Sauron's hand and destroy him with Excalibur.
No tricks, no illusions, no sorcery like in Dol Guldur, just a good old fashioned hand-to-hand smackdown.

Discuss away!

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