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“Don’t get too attached.” - Who lives, who dies?

Discussion in 'The Suicide Squad' started by TheWiseGuy487, Mar 28, 2021.

  1. TheWiseGuy487 Feelin’ good (Undecided/still figuring out)

    Jan 19, 2010
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    The title is self-explanatory. Which of these crazy psychos sent out on their suicidal missions by Amanda Waller gets the axe? Who bites it immediately? Who survives most of the film, but still kicks the bucket? Who sacrifices themselves by the end? Who lives to fight another day in another mission?

    I’ll start with mine.

    Squad A: Cannon Fodder

    Savant - I’ll go ahead and cut to the chase and say that pretty much every member of this team eats it not too far into the film. Cool power, but good aim ain’t going to save you from an RPG to the face. Dies early on.

    Weasel- This poor guy just screams, “Please, kill me”. Dead goes the weasel.

    Mongal- We see her file in the van when Squad B are coming to Harley’s rescue. 50/50 chance, but skewing towards immediately dead, but not before taking some with her.

    TDK- Don’t bring a detachable limb to a gunfight. Dead instantly.

    Blackguard- He just screams “killed immediately”, especially with that punchable face. Dead.

    Javelin- I’m calling it early and saying he’s the Slipknot of the group and gets offed by Waller with the explosive bomb implant when trying to cowardly escape. This guy gets the Gold in the Dead Olympics.

    Captain Boomerang- My prediction: he “dies” early on in the film, but comes back by the end to join Squad B and help save the day. After all, boomerangs always come back. (Also, he’s an important part of The Flash’s Rogue’s Gallery. If he dies, who will The Flash have to pick on?)

    Rick Flagg- The only other member of Squad A that probably survives, which brings me to...

    Squad B: The Backup Team

    Rick Flagg- The only probable survivor of Squad A, who most likely gets found by Squad B, of which he probably becomes defacto team leader. Probably clashes with Bloodsport for said leadership position. Probably survives the whole film.

    Harley Quinn- It’s Margot Robbie in her biggest role of all time, playing one of the most popular comic book characters of all time, and she’s only been in three films so far. No way she’s dying in this film. She’s just crazy enough to live.

    Bloodsport- Seems like he could live or die by the end. Either way, he’s going out in a blaze of glory with a hail of bullets.

    King Shark- Most likely sleeps with the fishes by the end, but not before chomping and munching on some delicious humans and taking a few bites out of some scrumptious Starro for good measure. Nom nom.

    The Thinker- Has the brains to combat Starro’s mind control. Probably dies by sacrificing himself at the end for his team.

    Peacemaker- Has his own series, though it could be a prequel and he dies by the end of this film. Plus, it’s John Cena, so maybe he lives because his enemies can’t see him. 50/50.

    Ratcatcher 2- Probably sacrifices herself by the end, but I really hope she lives. 50/50.

    Polka Dot Man- Seems pretty miserable and wants to die early on, but will probably find newfound purpose by the end and either sacrifice himself for his teammates or live to fight another day. Again, 50/50.

    Misc. Members

    Amanda “The Wall” Waller- She’s the “The Wall”. Of course she’s not dying. Duh.

    Sol Saria- Maybe she lives, maybe she dies for her country. 50/50.

    What do you think the outcome for these crazies will be? Place your bets!
    #1 TheWiseGuy487, Mar 28, 2021
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2021
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  2. Deck Rickard #HeadlessSuperman

    Oct 27, 2017
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    Yeah I’m going to bet that nobody in Team A other than Flag and maybe Boomerang survives, simply because after watching the trailer a couple of times, you can kinda tell who is still around towards the end. Bloodsport, Harley, Ratcatcher, Polka Dot Man and King Shark all seem to be alive when Starro shows up. I figure they will all survive. People seem to be speculating a lot that Bloodsport will die a heroic death but I don’t see WB or Elba wanting to go that route; he’s a popular actor that WB would be foolish to lose after one film, and he seems to be searching for a franchise to attach himself to, so I think he’s safe. Peacemaker and Flag don’t appear to be present when Starro shows up so they could be goners by then, though I hope not. I love what I’m seeing from Cena (and if his TV series takes place after the movie then he’s definitely surviving) and Kinnaman can be really badass and charismatic when he’s working under directors not named David Ayer.

    Not sure about the Thinker; I was under the impression that he was the big bad in this until the trailer came out. Though that could be a bit of misdirection and perhaps he’s controlling or working with Starro.

    Also, I like the idea of Boomerang apparently dying and then showing up at the end to help out. It would fit his character, who always seems to survive these missions even though he probably shouldn’t.
  3. Sawyer High King

    Apr 4, 2004
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    I’m just thankful that Gunn knows what he’s doing enough to fill this cast with cannon fodder.

    I mean, how many major deaths were there in the first movie? TWO??
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  4. #root Registered

    Nov 22, 2013
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    So everyone that was walking in front of the American flag is dead meat, right? That’s a bummer because I wanted Boomerang to survive. I like him and I think it’s a role that actually suits Jai Courtney. But judging by that shot and the fact that we don’t see him in any of the other set pieces, I’m thinking he’s a goner. Who knows maybe he’ll be a twist survivor.
  5. metaphysician Not a Side-Kick

    Mar 10, 2012
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    I break things up as follows-

    1. "People with their own show". Harley Quinn is of course Harley Quinn, and Peacemaker has his own show on HBO already announced. They are both safe.

    2. "People who are iconic members of the Suicide Squad". Captain Boomerang and King Shark are both names that come up really quick when people think of this particular franchise. They are both highly unlikely to die ( doubly so since both are technically part of someone else's rogues gallery ).

    3. "People who are special cases". Bloodsport is played by Idris Elba and clearly a substitute for Deadshot in terms of team role. He's probably safe, *unless* either Elba or WB wants this to be a one time thing, then he gets a heroic and meaningful death towards the climax. Rick Flagg is somewhat iconic for the SS, and fills a natural and required role on the team such that killing him would be stupid and pointless. . . normally. However, Peacemaker *also* fills a similar niche, so they theoretically could kill Rick Flagg. I think they will both live, but I wouldn't find it unthinkable if I were wrong.

    4. "People who are about to die", AKA 'Everyone Else'. Seriously, I would not at all be shocked if literally everyone I haven't named above dies horribly/hilariously. Nobody is safe, that is for sure.

    This really stand in contrast to the first film, where you could pretty much predict exactly who'd die from the first trailer, because aside from like three names, everyone had predictable plot protection ( and the three names aside included stuff like 'famous for getting killed', 'famous for heroic sacrifice', and 'famous for turning traitor' ).
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