🏳️‍🌈 Discussion: LGBTQ+ Rights XVI - Part 6


Ms. Rachel is getting canceled by conservatives over her acceptance of family regardless of a "non-traditional orientation".
The incident occurred around 8:37 p.m. when police said attendees informed officers stationed at the Pride Parade festivities that a possible chemical agent, potentially Mace or hairspray, was released into the crowd. Fireworks were also set off in the location, which added to the chaos and caused attendees to flee, according to a spokesperson for the Baltimore Police.
The bill passed its final reading on Tuesday with the approval of 130 of the 152 members of the Senate in attendance, with 4 voting against it and 18 abstaining.

Thailand will become the third country in Asia where same-sex couples can get married, after Taiwan and Nepal, and the first in south-east Asia. In October, India's top court declined to grant legal recognition to same-sex marriages, saying it should be decided by parliament.
The new legislation changes references to "men", "women", "husbands" and "wives" to gender-neutral terms such as "spouse" and "person". Couples will have equal access to marriage, as well as the same rights in areas including child adoption, healthcare consent, and inheritance.

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