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It doesn't hurt anyone, why should they care?
It doesn't hurt anyone, why should they care?

For them it's all about control. The left think in terms of caring, the right think in terms of controlling. (thus their want to control people's bodies and what they do in their lives)

Part of it can also be right wingers leaving the party to the extremists. Notice how independents rise at the same time republicans fall. This could also, in part, be the remaining semi rationale right wingers beginning to label themselves as indepedents. I wouldn't usually leap to this conclusion, but it does kinda line up.
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The finding within the finding isn’t actually that surprising:

“But all of this, I think, is predicated on almost all of these folks being white, gay men, and so their whiteness and maleness are obviously powerful markers of identity that allow them to operate within the Republican Party in a lot of ways.”

Courts should not substitute themselves for medical and science experts even if that is what legislators are doing.
Poor David Archuleta. Born a Mormon and being queer and learning they didn't want his kind.

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