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105 year old woman says bacon is the secret to her long life

Everyone makes fun of America for our love of bacon. Its the fountain of youth.
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Baco-philes, rejoice!

She looks like the Crypt Keeper.
There's a joke in there? It didn't so much float over me as pass through me like a ghost.
What we all should be worried about is the women outliving us. Men, we're losing.

Americans don't live very long.

80 average in the US to 86 in Japan which has the highest life expectancy....honestly not that big of a gap. Considering how much bacon we consume.
I wouldn't sweat it. If your lucky enough to outlive most other men you get the pick of the grannies.
What we all should be worried about is the women outliving us. Men, we're losing.

Its because of the nagging. We don't nag nearly as much. that takes a big toll on the soul my friend.
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Americans don't live very long.

Yeah, but honestly, who wants to live to 86? What's left to enjoy at that point? Bi-weekly bowel movements? :o
Clint Eastwood.
That data is actually just going to convince more people to exchange a measly three years of their life for copious amounts of bacon on a regular basis.
Many Japanese people are still ninja at 86.
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