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In keeping with tradition, figured we could devote episode threads to the new comics episodes coming in April. And since we've got some minor spoilers and info already on the first book including a great interview with Bryan Q. Miller about it.

According to several reports, DC Comics has plans to release the first chapter of the resurrection online this coming April 12th, with the actual publications set for release May 16th.
Initial spoiilers courtesy of K-Site:

Keeping with the tradition of one-word titles... the first new Smallville story in nearly a year will be "Guardian." Will it involve the character from Jack Kirby's comics? Or is it referring to the new guardian of Metropolis, the Man of Steel named Superman? Guess we'll be finding out soon! Bryan Q. Miller is doing the writing.
A few semi-spoilery premiere bits from the Miller interview

Season 11 is about all of our players transitioning into the next phases of their lives. Work, love, heroics and villainy all play a part in how they're settling into a very "Look! Up in the sky!" world. The season premiere, as all of ours historically have, sets up not only the plot-journey for the year, but what everyone's personal struggles will be. That isn't to say there will be tons of angst. There's only a bit of angst here and there. The goal is to make this as entertaining a read as possible, and Clark's at our center for that. He's how we'll process that information. He's Superman now. No more hiding in the shadows in a black trench coat or a red jacket. He gets to shake hands with the people he saves. He likes flying. He's transitioning from seeing his abilities as a burden to seeing them more as a job. And he loves his work.
Storytelling-wise, Season 11 episodes are -- bigger. Each episode is more like a mega-episode, or a TV movie that continues the "Smallville" saga. If you're going to buy a chapter each week, I'd like you to feel like you've gotten your money's worth by the time each mega-sode ends. If you're picking it up collected in print issues, you're going to get a substantial read every month.

Oh, sure. Big time. We'll get a slightly new twist on a pretty big Superman villain from the comics in the premiere (which runs the first 12 weekly chapters)
It's in the title -- it's "Smallville." It's an ensemble piece with Clark Kent at its core. These are continuations of the characters roughly two million people a week, half a year each year, for a decade tuned in to see. If you're someone who stopped watching the show in the early years, come on back. They aren't in high school anymore. He's in the suit. Like, all over the place. You're going to get Superman action. You're going to get derring-do from Green Arrow. Lois and Clark are together -- and happy. So there's some romance there. And Chloe. And Chloe! Chloe Sullivan is here -- you won't find her anywhere else (as far as I know!)
Cover art: Issue 1.


release schedule for Guardian for those who havent seen it:

May 2 - print issue #1 (collecting digital chapters 1-3)
May 18 - digital chapter 4
May 25 - digital chapter 5
June 1 - digital chapter 6
June 6 - print issue #2 (collecting digital chapters 4-6)
June 15 - digital chapter 7
June 22 - digital chapter 8
June 29 - digital chapter 9
July 4 - print issue #3 (collecting digital chapters 7-9)
July 13 - digital chapter 10
July 20 - digital chapter 11
July 27 - digital chapter 12
Aug. 1 - print issue #4 (collecting digital chapters 10-12)
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I can't wait for this I also just clicked its gonna be nice seeing Lois and Clark together in comics, thats one of the main things I miss in the New 52.
Perfect. Thanks for starting the thread. It feels great having new to look forward to again. A void in my heart has been filled.
Luckily I'm getting my iPad next month so I can download this on the DC Comics app
Hoping mr Mxyptlk or something like that returns
Bigger image of the Gary Frank cover:

BTW, since they are (I assume) continuing the one-word titles from the show to the comic, might as well rename the finale episodes. For me, I pick the same titles from last year: DESTINY & SUPERMAN.
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This really has me pumped up, dare I say more than the episodes themselves! Well it can't be helped now that it's full-on Superman.
Ah, happy days are here again and it's not complete without Milos celebrating Chloe in the new Smallville comics.

The suit in the SV comics is what TW rightfully deserves instead of the SR suit after 10 years. I wonder if there's going to be promotion for the comics and if any SV cast members will help promote it.
As to be expected from milos, as for press it probably just ge some web stuff and things in comic shops. Now when we get around to release. Would be great to hear from cast on what they think of it.
Dr. Hamilton needs to be included as well as Kara and Conner.
Well I don't see why emil, and others won't be there. Millar has mention we will see the jl and others. Now of course probsbly not full time but I don't see why they won't pop up from time to time.
Chloe was sometimes written very well, other times not so much. But I think Bryan Miller always showed her in a good light and I hope he does the same here. Chloe to me had its ups and downs over the years, and I have especially rotten things to say about big portion of her fanbase, but as a whole she has always been a character I had a soft spot for. I simply could not dislike her. If she was played by anyone other than Allison Mack, then she might've started to get on my nerves, but not Allison. I'm glad she played her so long and creating this character is one of the few things I'm grateful to Beavis & Butthead aka Gough & Miller.
Chloe was sometimes written very well, other times not so much.

You're telling me. It eventually got so bad that I started to hate the character. I still do, as a matter of fact.

EDIT: And pairing her up with Oliver (a character who I dislike almost as much) didn't help at all.

...but as a whole she has always been a character I had a soft spot for. I simply could not dislike her.

That makes one of us. :cwink:

If she was played by anyone other than Allison Mack, then she might've started to get on my nerves, but not Allison.

I love Allison. I think she's a good actress. My issues with Chloe have nothing to do with her.
Fair enough. I look forward to S11 and Chloe is a character I'm interested to see what Miller will do with.
I'm interested in seeing how Clark will grow and change and how he'll interact with the people around him as Superman. And...I kinda wanna see Batman. :woot:
Well bryan does mention the second issue/chapter will feature someone special from dc universe. I think its hint to bats. As for chloe for me I liked her character more then I ever did lana's. Now yes at times chloe wasn't good. But that happened to most characcters in the show.
I just came from the DC website, where the issue is listed; it doesn't say "not final cover" so where did you find that?

Also, we've been talking about the artists from the covers, and the good and bad that came with it, that I thought we should at least talk a bit about the interior artist: Pere Perez.

I didn't recognize the name until I saw I googled him, and saw some of the work. The guy did some work relating to the Superman: New Krypton Saga, with Action Comics #881-889. He also did Batgirl, an issue of Birds of Prey, and the final two issues of the Return of Bruce Wayne, among others. He also switches from gritty to simple in terms of the realism presented, but the artwork is good, which makes him being on this thing a good thing because at least we know the artwork inside these book(s) will be good and fun to look at.

Here are some examples:







More info of his work can be found here:

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