128 Hero/Villian Tournament - Nominate here!


Jan 9, 2013
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Hey everyone on SHH. I've recently joined the site for a reason, and the reason is this tournament I'd hoped to host here, arguably the greatest collection of knowledgeable people regarding the Super Hero and Super Villain universes.

Back in April of 1996, Marvel and DC released a series simply titled DC vs. Marvel. It was a four part series, and as a youngster, I was enthralled. Through the first three issues, I remember counting the days to the fourth. Then I got a big slap of reality when, instead of an ending, I got the creation of the Amalgam Universe. A cop-out, I felt robbed.

What I hope to accomplish here, based on popular vote, is an 'ultimate champion' so to speak. I'm sitting the cap at 128 participants, but that is adjustable in case we don't want to leave a ton of people out.

There's only a few exclusions. Any of the Amalgam characters, or any 'indestrucable' Hero/Villain. Superman would be what I'm referring to. Other than traditional Comics, I'm also okay with including Video Game characters such as Master Chief, Zangief, etc. etc. The only teams that won't be disbanded, if they were nominated, would for instance be the Power Rangers, Wonder Twins, TMNT, etc. That's of course, if they get nominated.

I was going to start with a simple wish list, a starting 12 to get things started, but I know my place here, and I think that you guys would know better than I would about that.

If there is any nomination made before you, or after you, that you don't agree with, speak up, and I can place a marker next to their name. They'll be fringe guys, and a conversation can be had on whether or not they're worthy of such a tournament. Also, any other ideas are welcome. This will be determined HERE on this forum, and the ultimate results posted on my web-site which I won't plug, but you all will get credit where credit is due, meaning the site and it's members.

I'm extremely excited about this, and I hope as you read through you were too. No launch date officially, we'll play it out as people come up with suggestions.

Thank you for taking the time, and I hope you include yourself in my 'fantasy' that wouldn't be possible without SSH.

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