15 year old javelin thower kills judge at competition


May 7, 2012
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A boy who, in another lifetime, might have been a lord of Winterfell is receiving psychological counseling today after hurling a javelin through the jugular vein of a judge during an athletics competition in Germany on Sunday.

The victim, 74-year-old Dieter Strack, died after undergoing emergency surgery. Newspapers describe him as a "popular" figure in the Düsseldorf sports scene, which means that the 15-year-old Killer of Men didn't just murder someone's old Pop-pop—he murdered someone's Pop-pop whom everybody loved.

Talk about aiming misfires. That's probably going to turn him off for any more competitions

On a slightly related note:

"Ray Chapman played shortstop for the Cleveland Naps, facing off against pitcher Carl Mays. Mays' unique submarine delivery combined with a scuff-ball, created a pitch whose path was impossible to predict. Chapman didn't even duck as the ball struck him on the head, causing his death."


Apparently this happened in 1920 and the following year, 1921 was Mays best.

I guess the judge got the point. :o
I wonder who screwed up here, whether the judge ran into the field before it was safe to do so, if the boy was given the go-ahead to throw when it wasn't safe to do so, or whether the boy was throwing recklessly on his own initiative.
Well the article said they think it was because of a gust of wind but I'm sure there were numerous factors that occurred
I thought this was on purpose, then thought "damn the kid has good aim".
Wait it was an accident? ****, I thought he wanted to do it.
I guess it just goes to show you....you need to be more careful when you're getting to the point.

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