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18 year old has eaten only ramen for the past 13 years

so.....you're saying eating Ramen for 13 years straight is bad for you yahoo? Wow...thanks....my eyes are open.

Where the hell are her parents
I'm assuming this isn't the really awesome ramen you get at restaurants in Tokyo.
Thanks for degrading the thread Riddled. We needed your thought on the subject.
Not too much different from every college kid in America, then?
I'd do her.. she's kinda cute.

Lovely contribution. I love being reminded of why all the pervy, nerd stereotypes exist.

Enlightening article though. Who'd have thought that eating refined carbs, inundated with salt and 0 nutritional value would age you quickly?
That was most likely in response to the "probably the same amount of sex to boot" comment from the OP.

That was another stupid comment. I'm sure most of the people commenting in this thread were still virgins at 18.
One of the guys in my program is like this. I think he's also dying.
I know a couple people who subsist on crappy fast food and cup noodles whose bodies are falling apart and who easily look 10+ years older than they actually are.

They refuse to do anything about it though, because this kind of "diet" is sadly, considered the norm.
It is a testamet to the hability of the human body to adapt the mere fact that she is still alive.
She certainly looks aged beyond her years.
How about we just say she's matured like a fine wine or a bowl of soggy ramen.
I hate that she is smiling in the photos like everything is fine.

Also this reminds me of the chicken nugget girl. I'm not sure which is worse.

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