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Jun 29, 2000
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Have there been any new developments since those 3 or 4 preview pages came out a few months back?:confused:
Mark mentioned something about being doen by the end of the year.Sounds like it's going to be pushed back from it's original summer release.
That sucks that it's being pushed back. I'm really looking forward to this.
I don't mind the lateness.I'm already picking up enough events/one-shots/minis this summer as is.
I like the third pic, with the sterotypical nerdy kid with shorts high socks and penny loafers.:up:
Kind of campy. Not so sure I like it. It would be better if it was through a filter, like black and white, but that doesn't fit the theme. I like pics 3 and 4, but 1 just irritates me.
I'm a member over there at MW,and there has been rumblings of very cool Vulture and Ultron pages among the mods.The Hulk pic is very old school Kirby-ish.
There's something very nostalgic about this picture to me. It very much reminds me of when I'd get together with my comic book reading friends and just hang out and read comics.

Those pics look pretty awesome. I really liked the second one with the Hulk, that looked pretty damn realistic. I'm way too pumped up for this now. I'm a child of the 80's so anything having to do with it makes me all nostalgic. :o
Who do you think the guy in pic 4 with the goo on his hands is?
It reminds me of Abomination's blood.
I'm just dying to see the Ultron and Vulture pages.I heard they were phenomenal,but only the mods at MW have seen them.
Is it me or does Hulk look a tad chubby? I'd like to see some abs poking through that gut.
Hulk looks like a life-like Kirby version.
Excuse me if I seem a bit out of the loop, but can someone explain to me what this is about?
Hulk really shouldn't be that muscular anyway. He should have a bit of a gut. He doesn't work out regularly like Batman or any non powered hero. Same with Superman.
King Ruler said:
Excuse me if I seem a bit out of the loop, but can someone explain to me what this is about?

It's going to be a mini-series by Millar.Photos of actual models will be used and digitized instead of a traditional artist.It's going to be a horror-story where the Villains of the MU escape from the comics and come into the reality of a young boy who reads them.

We've only seen Hulk so far,but there have been images seen by the mods at MillarWorld of Vulture and Ultron,which they described as amazing.
And I'm guessing this takes place in 1985, hence the title, right?

Sorry, but form the sounds of it it doesn't really sound that spectacular, but let me not count my chickens before they hatch or whatever weird saying would appropriately go with this.
Yea,it's just a horror-story,the only extraordinary thing they're doing is the art.

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