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(2011) Superhero Poster of the Year!

Who was that guy that was always posting in the Superman forums about how he wanted to see Superman appear fully naked in the new movie?

Whatever his name was, that dude gets a vote from me. He was either batsh** crazy or the most brilliant troll I've ever seen. Either way, his posts were hilarious.
I nominate Hopefulsuicide for her reasonable and well-thought out posts in The Man of Steel forum.

The nominations have officially closed. Due to Sassy Elf's stress-filled outburst, the ballot printer had to be repaired. The 2011 ballots should all be sent out shortly. If you have not received your ballot by 11pm tonight, please contact me and I will send you one.

Thanks again for all of your involvement and participation.​

So what if the noms are closed, I wanted to say it anyways. :o The dude is awesome and is a big inspiration in me wanting to work in marketing.

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