2012 Hype! Deathmatch: The Sign-Ups - Part 1


It's that time a year again! Technically it hasn't been a year since the 2011 Deathmatch, but I started that one late and wanted to get back on my normal schedule for this year. It's my 3rd year hosting, and this time it will be BIGGER AND BETTER THAN EVER. And by bigger I mean about the same size, and by better I mean not really.

But, JP, how does it work? Good question!

In this thread we'll take volunteers/nominations. We need 32 Hype! members to participate in the games. This years sign-ups will be a little different. Instead of choosing participants on a first come, first serve basis, I will be extending the time to volunteer. For the next few weeks you can sign up yourself, or nominate a fellow Hype! member. At the end of the sign-up period, I will go through this thread and select the participants based on who received the most nominations. This is the best way to give everyone a fair shot, as well as provide plenty of time for people to volunteer (so don't PM me after the fact saying "aw crap, is it too late to participate?!?"). The deadline is September 28th.

Each match will consist of 2 users and you, the people, will vote (in a poll!) on either contestant.

After we get out 32 participants, the games can begin!

Round 1: 32 users
Round 2: 16 users
Round 3: 8 users
Round 4: 4 users
Round 5: 2 users




Match 1: enterthemadness VS SymbioticToxin
Match 2: Parker Wayne VS Sawyer
Match 3: BizzaroAids VS sabetoonth
Match 4: BruceBanner VS Raiden
Match 5: Specter313 VS SpideyFan866
Match 6: Kane52630 VS LibidoLoca
Match 7: The Original Bamfer VS Schlosser85
Match 8: SuperFerret VS Spider-Aziz
Match 9: knowsbleed VS POWdER-man
Match 10: Lightning Strykez! VS Shemtov
Match 11: Lunar_Wolf VS Gotham Knight
Match 12: Immortalfire VS The Squirrel
Match 13: JustABill VS Cory
Match 14: ComicChick VS Wadaltmon
Match 15: WillardNation VS Duke
Match 16: THE MR. TERRIFIC VS bullets
O. I am quit perturbed.

My beautiful thread closed by a page and a half of spam.


Well, remember:

The final match starts Tomorrow, 11/18 at 7pm EST.

That chick is no Maya Rudolph. :o
I'll vote for whoever showers me with the most Walking Dead gifs. :o
it's about to go down yall

Almost convincing, the both of you.
Respond to my day time soap PM's, JP. -_-. Other wise, I vote for Kane...

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