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2012 NFL thread: The Place to get Cutler'd

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Feb 15, 2001
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The new adventure begins tonight, but the new thread begins right now. Let's get it going!

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Im getting a chub just thinking about it especially wants 4 hits and the nfl netwrok started the pregame show. Im in 2 big money fantasy leagues and I have alot of interest if you would in tonights game.
About damn time.

Don't really give a damn about the NFC East but my Fantasy squad does have a few of those undesirables.
Interesting that they did an NFL look around with the other Networks.
Michelle Beadle and Hines Ward as additions. NBC really doesn't want me to watch its coverage any more so than necessary.
killface said:
what are you talking about? matt moore never plays horrendously.

Never said he did. But if he does go there and bombs, then they've gained nothing and are back to where they started.

seriously though, kolb or skelton are doing nothing for arizona. might as well go with a quality player who doesn't piss on your chances of winning.

although to be fair to kolb and skelton, the o-line play badly as well.

And how does that help Moore and the Cardinals?
The hell is wrong with Ahmad Bradshaw?
It seems like the more responsibility he gets, the less effective he becomes. Back in 07-08 when he was the 3rd back behind Jacobs and Ward, he was a beast. When Ware left and he became the #2 back, he started getting hurt and fumbling all the time. Now he's the guy and doesn't accomplish squat (so far).
Romo's looked pretty good tonight, had a few balls sail on him (especially on shorter throws), but there's still time for him to have a meltdown.

Big game for Kevin Ogletree too, which can only be a good thing for the Cowboys going forward given Miles Austin is a no-show.
Ogletree is officially the most sought after Free Agent in FF.
It's the Cowboys.
He contracted Braylon Edwards' Stone Hands disease.
Offsides on fourth and two. Cowboys coaching staff gotta be mad.

Pretty surprised at how ill-disciplined the Cowboys have been on both sides of the ball. Penalty flags flying everywhere. If they get that sorted out, they might actually be a pretty good team.
Oletree molesting the Giants secondary.
The officials were a little ticky tacky with the calls tonight. Oh well, at least they didn't blow any.

Giants corners suck ass. They're gonna have to put out an ad tomorrow in the Post, Daily News and Times.
Even with all the penalties on the Cowboys they still picked up the W. I have a feeling we'll be seeing a lot of dropped passes by Cruz this year. I don't expect him to ever have another season like he did last year.
Meh, it's just one game & the opening game at that, I wouldn't count Cruz out so soon.
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