2016 Funniest Poster

that's probably the funniest post you've ever made.
Pink Ranger or Reek. Or the fusion of both. Peek.
He's going to be so mad at you for that
Everyone's mad at me for something eventually. Better this than mail fraud.
he'll probably try to spank you, the freak.
no... anyone who nominates themselves should be excluded from.... everything.
Pink Ranger actually makes me laugh out loud sometimes, so he's my choice
Pink Ranger or Reek. Or the fusion of both. Peek.

They made a movie of that once. Lars Von Trier called it vulgar beyond belief. David Cronenberg got sick at the premier and had to be hospitalized. Michael Bay said it was poorly written.
  1. Pink Ranger
  2. Pink Ranger
  3. Pink Ranger
  4. Pink Ranger
  5. Pink Ranger
  6. Pink Ranger
  7. Pink Ranger
  1. Chip Chipperson
  2. Chip Chipperson
  3. Chip Chipperson
  4. Chip Chipperson
  5. Chip Chipperson
  1. Naked Shia
  2. Naked Shia
  3. Naked Shia
  4. Naked Shia
  1. BlackNarcissus
  2. BlackNarcissus
  3. Black Narcissus

  1. Reek
  2. Reek
  3. Reek
  1. regwec
  2. regwec
  3. regwec

  1. tacit-ronin-
  2. tacit-ronin-

Eddie Dean

Roose Bolton



Preparing for the ballot a little early before nomination time ends, I have to choose top three to enlist in the ballot.
Here's a sample of the ballot for this category.

Funniest Poster
Pink Ranger
Chip Chipperson
Naked Shia
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