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2022 Banned User of the Year


I Work Too Much
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Apr 29, 2004
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This is an award that no one sets out to win, but we have had some huge names win in years past.... unfortunately. For various reasons, some amazing members fell to the ban hammer this year and their presence is missed. This is where we remember those who were banned in 2022.

Pour out a 40 and nominate the banned members you miss the most.
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was @kripton banned this year?
I think so....IIRC I tried to nominate him last year, but he wasn't banned until early this year???

I tried to email him, but don't know if I had the right one. Really liked that guy. Miss DK Kiddvicious too.
I always enjoyed Calvin Ellis’ comics discussions. And the guy was a fan of Calvin Ellis, which is awesome.

To bad about the homophobic rhetoric that he displayed. I was really surprised and saddened.
I inquired about Aziz some time ago since he was a frequent tourist at the Justice League Lounge thread. I was told he was taking a break.

I was also wondering about Calvin Ellis. Like Aziz, he stopped being active in the JL Lounge. If he got banned for homophobic comments then I'm not surprised. He sounded like a bible thumper whenever religion was brought up in the Lounge. I still remember him frowning on @Black Narcissus and me for not believing in that place called heaven. :shrug:
I inquired about Aziz some time ago since he was a frequent tourist at the Justice League Lounge thread. I was told he was taking a break.
That was what I heard. I emailed him just before Christmas, heard back from him a few days ago. He seems to be doing fine.
I knew Spider-Aziz had left, I had no idea of the circumstances! In which case I vote for him!
I had noticed his absence from posting for a while, and asked in the Lounge thread if anyone knew what happened. And sadly learned by some mod he was banned. Quite unexpected, but such stuff happens and he obviously got warnings before the ban.
Krypton. I PM'ed him a couple of times and told him he needed to watch his step. I think he was just kind of pissed off and decided to hell with it.

As far as Aziz goes, that one surprised me. He seemed like a pretty gentle soul and was always polite to me. I don't know why he got banned, but am a bit curious about it.

Anyway, Krypton Inc was a really good poster so he'd get my vote.
I’m not sure but I think Aziz left voluntarily. I know that some posters have actually asked mods to ban them just so they don’t come back (understandable; this place can be addictive), so maybe that’s what happened? Regardless, @Spider-Aziz was always cool in my book and gets my vote. @Krypton too.
Harassment and bigotry in private chats, which had gone on for years before we learned about it, unfortunately.

The bigotry wasn't always private, he was pretty open about it back in the day. But he eventually realized that he was going to get banned for saying the **** he did, so he completely revamped his persona on here, and pretended like the things from the past never happened in the first place.

That's why people are confused about his banning: they only ever saw the "nice" personality he crafted, and not the homophobia and hate from the past. He also had an issue with personal boundaries, and multiple times tried to get a hold of a member's personal info off-site. In general, the site is better off without him.

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