365 Reasons to Love Comics (#30 The Silver Surfer)

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Nov 17, 2005
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Alicia Masters– blind paramour to Ben Grimm, companion of the Silver Surfer, expert sculptress, step-daughter of the Puppet Master. Great supporting cast member.
Stan and Jack knew the power of sheer poetry when they made the blind Alicia truly see beneath the monstrous shell of the Thing to the heart of the good man that he was.
Usually, she ended up as a pawn of her stepfather, the Puppet Master. Remember how, in the original story, she was a dead ringer for the Invisible Girl? There’s an interesting twist on the Ben/Alicia relationship. Ben had a crush on Sue for a while, there… Hmm.
Ben and Alicia have broken up and gotten back together multiple times. She married Johnny Storm that one time. But then Tom DeFalco decided that Alicia was really Lyja! It’s okay, though. I like that retcon.
When the Puppet Master isn’t busy with her, she’s probably getting carted off by someone or something in order to be the requisite damsel in distress:

She travelled with the Silver Surfer for a while there, and even gained the ability to see once or twice. Alicia and the Surfer’s friendship dates back to the famous Coming of Galactus story, in which Alicia was the one who convinced the Surfer that humanity was worth saving. So, there you go– she saved the world, albeit indirectly.
She’s also a very good friend to Sue, who is usually surrounded by dudes. Visible, Invisible– Alicia knows she’s there, and doesn’t have to see her to “see” her.
In the actually-released FF movie, she was played by Kerry Washington, an African-American actress. Some fanmen complained, but I think it added an extra layer of depth to her relationship with the Thing– remember people, it isn’t *about* physical appearance. Alicia being white isn’t central to the character. And besides, now we can get Morgan Freeman as the Puppet Master! …okay, so it’ll probably end up being Lou Gossett, Jr.
Alicia’s a very likable character. She rightfully deserves your fan love!
Maybe she could date I-Ching.

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