3D or 2D?


Dec 6, 2005
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I think once the reboot goes into active production (aka filming), Fox will announce a post-conversion 3D release for The Fantastic Four. They've already announced 3D for The Wolverine and X-Men: Days of Future Past, so I expect this pic to get the treatment too.

So? Will you see The Fantastic Four in 3D, 2D, both versions, or you don't care either way.
They should just actually film it in 3D. Way better than post-converting it.
Im just an original guy so...im going for 2D. But there going to do it for both 2D and 3D.
I love 2D, don't want to try the 3D gimmick
I wear glasses, glasses over glasses is not a pleasant thing
2D because I can't wait wear my glasses and I'm poor. :D

But for Days of Future Past, I'll watch it in 3D because I heard its not post-conversion.
I don't really care one way or the other.
Post conversion can look just as good as being shot in 3D originally - who can spot the conversion shots in AVATAR?
I would rather that extra money go into the actual film.
I'll definitely see it in 3D. Especially if theirs going to be a lot of great shots in space.
That would make it worth it.
4D!!! Because... you know... 4.... i'm hilarious
I'm not into 3D, so 2D is fine with me....but I would love to see it on IMAX.
I'm not into 3D, so 2D is fine with me....but I would love to see it on IMAX.

I don't know why Fox isn't doing more IMAX releases for their feature films... none of their big comic-book films got the DMR treatment.

Since the movie isn't scheduled to come out until March 2015, Fox could easily secure an IMAX commitment.
I saw Avengers the second time in 3D. The effect adds nothing to the film experience.

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