4Kids Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003)


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Jun 10, 2006
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Has this been released in its entirety on DVD? I missed it the first time around. :o
Not yet. I'm still waiting on it myself. I only have disc 1.
I hope that one day we will get a complete series DVD set like they're doing with the 80's series. I just finished the Ninja Tribunal season and I'm afraid to start the Fast Forward season. Should I watch that or skip directly into Turtles Forever?
Trust Me, Skip " Fast Forward " and " Back to the Sewers ", and go straight to Turtles 4ever, although
The end of " Back to the Sewers " did feature April and Casey's wedding which was attended by friends and foes alike, and crashed by the Shredder
I jumped in toward the end of Ninja Tribunal and was blown away at the scope of it. I wanted to see it from the beginning. So hopefully we get a release of the entire series.
Is this just for the DVD's or general TMNT discussion?
Discuss whatever you like about the 03 cartoon. :)
Ok then, I like this thread now

As awesome as the new show is proving itself to be, this one is presents how I see all the turtles, at their peak awesomeness

And I like the last couple of seasons Fast Forward and Back to the Sewers
I grew up with the 80's series and I'm loving the new cartoon but I don't know why this series' voices are the ones I hear when I read the (FANTASTIC IDW) comics.
Just don't go past Ninja Tribunal. Fast Forward and beyond SUCKS.

It was a great series :up: until they jumped the shark.:barf:
I'm watching season 1 of this again
It's fun, don't get Cain's disapproval of it
Of course, the 2012 series has the superior Splinter
I could see the new Turtles gradually developing into the 2003 Turtles as the series progresses.
Reading Tales of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles v1 #4, introduction of Rat King, can't help it but think the existence of his character in the Peter Laird/4Kids animated series was wasted
I found this petition and I wanted to share it with you guys. Its for a proper release of a series dvd boxset (like they did with the 80s cartoon).
If you love the series please share it. If gamers could turn microsoft Im sure we can make this happen if we're vocal enough.

The best onscreen iteration of the Turtles yet. Good writing, good characterization and surprisingly mature in tone. There is nary a clunker for the entire run up until Fast Forward.
I stopped paying attention after fast forward. Anything major happen?
I like Fast Forward and Back to the Sewers
The 5 seasons before it are better in a lot of ways, I wish they kept the designs from those 5 seasons for Turtles Forever

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