5 scenes you liked from each of the X-Men movies

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    Jul 25, 2007
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    -Mystique morphs from Wolverine to her regular self in mid-air.
    -Toad kicks the X-Men's ass
    -Storm and Cyclops arrive to save Wolverine and Rogue
    -Mystique infiltrates X-Mansion

    -Jean uses Phoenix Force to stop water from damn and lift X-Jet
    -Mystique infiltrates the Weapon X facility
    -Jean stops Cyclops optic blast and throws it back at him
    -Magneto breaks out of Plastic prison
    -Nightcrawler, whitehouse scene

    -Phoenix destroys Sub-basement door and walks out, FREAKING AWESOME
    -Iceman ices up
    -Magneto moves bridge
    -Storm flying up to the sky then twirling down to shock Callisto n Friends at Jean's house.
    -Phoenix vs Professor Xavier

    -The mutant kids go with Professor Xavier
    -Emma changes to diamond form
    -Gambit vs. Wolverine, before Wolverine cuts the ladder
    -Weapon X infiltrating that building to get to the African man
    -Sabretooth captures Cyclops
  2. Spidermanfan Registered

    Nov 5, 2009
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    X-Men 1
    -Toad beating the x-men like rag dolls.
    -the x men work as a "team" to save rogue.
    -the brotherhood line up. wish quick silver was in there!:(

    X-Men 2
    -Nightcrawler in the white house
    -wolverine VS lady deathstrike
    X-Men 3
    -Danger room sequence
    -Beast killing mutants
    -the x men working now as a real team.
  3. ALittlePush Registered

    Aug 19, 2009
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    Jean using cerebro
    Rogue and Wolverine in Wolverine's truck
    Toad fighting Storm
    Wolverine saving Rogue at the end
    Magneto's origin

    Pyro setting fire to the police cars
    Jean using her powers to stop the water
    Jean using her powers to stop the missiles
    Nightcrawler in the whitehouse
    Magneto's escape from prison

    Phoenix vs Xavier
    Phoenix on Alcatraz
    Xavier's funeral
    Pyro and Iceman fight
    Angel jumping out the window

    Opening credits
    Wolverine meets Gambit
    Wade Wilson in the elevator
    Wolverine and Gambit in the plane
    Wolverine and Gambit fighting
  4. Gunga Diner Solvin' cool mysteries

    Oct 27, 2009
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    X-Men (2000)
    -The whole ****ing thing. Am I allowed to do that? No? Okay.
    -Our introduction to Wolverine. They get his presence just right. It's also fun to look back on it as the world's introduction to Hugh Jackman.
    -Wolverine's tour of the X-Mansion. It gets the semantics of what the X-Men universe is just right, as narrated by Patrick Stewart. What more couldya want? You share his and Rogue's sense of wonder.
    -The train sequence, both the intimate moment between Logan and Rogue, and the "OH **** IT'S MAGNETO" scene where we officially start to recognize him as terrifying.
    -Magneto's indirect conversation with Xavier. Perfectly nails their conflict, and it's also insanely tense. Also, that one cop with the bullet in his head sounds like he's pooping.
    -Magneto's speech to Rogue. That is what Magneto is all about. And why not choose a scene where Ian McKellen gets a speech? It's also perfect for Logan telling him later "You are so full of ****. If you were really so righteous it'd be you up in that thing."

    -Nightcrawler's *****IN' opening fight sequence. The energy, the explotation of such a cool concept, the setting, the music, the introductory speech about the painting of Kennedy, everything. I saw this movie when I was 11 with my friends and family and a full audience. Everyone was going insane.
    -Logan's dialog with Bobby. I don't know why this works so well, maybe it's the fact that the dialog is simple but the chemistry is so strong between the actors. It's charming without trying at all. It's funny without being distracting or destroying any tension. It leads us into that phenomenal berserker rage perfectly.
    -The attack on the school. (AKA, the fanboy scene) I don't think it's the tension or the music or the choreography in this scene that I like so much, it's the lighting. Wolverine looks iconic in almost every shot.
    -Wolverine defensively telling the parents that he teaches Art. God, yes.
    -The fight with Deathstrike. The audience clapped and cheered during any moment where Wolverine seems like he's won. The moment where Deathstrike is human again is also heartbreaking, subtle, and gorgeous.
    -Jean's death. We feel it. It hurts. It hurts everybody. And in a trilogy almost defined by what a tiny role Cyclops gets, James Marsden is what makes the whole thing hurt so badly. That scene belongs to him.

    X-Men The Last Stand:
    -The Credits. I hate this movie, but the music during the credits is orchestrated so perfectly that it was legitimately exciting. I felt like I was 11 again.
    -Beast visiting Toad. Another thing I like about this movie is that even though we've never been introduced to Beast as an X-Man, he feels like a pre-established character. We never question why we're watching him, he just feels like part of the team immediately. Perfect casting, too.
    -Logan walking through the Danger Room sequence like it's nothing. I like when Logan's badassery is treated as a given, and the first notable thing about his character. Watching him trudge through explosions and lasers with a stogie in his mouth, letting it all hit him and heal was cool.
    -Mystique's death, because (GASP) we feel it.
    -The credits. It felt like about damn time.

    -The Marvel logo. Always loved that thing.
    -The part of the credits where Liev Schrieber's name pops up. I like the way his name is spelled.
    -Wade Wilson being mouthy and snarky. Ryan Reynolds is a fantastic actor with flawless comedic timing who just has the misfortune of being in terrible movies. Like this.
    -Logan showing up to get revenge on Sabretooth. ONLY because it inspired this: [YT]5QyqAglaojY[/YT]
    -The credits. I liked being able to click the "X" button on my computer at long last.
  5. Vaportrail Oh, shock!

    Jul 4, 2006
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    -I love the whole Rogue meets Wolverine bit, from cage fighting to Sabretooth. It's just wonderfully stylized. The other movies have yet to match just how great these scenes are.
    -Cyclops. Whenever. He was always my favorite and they did him really well.
    -Wolverine giving Rogue his healing at the end. Great moment.
    -Toad's speaking lines. Wish there was more, lol.
    -Final battle, of course.

    I like the first X-Men. A lot.

    -The attempts at character development for Pyro. It's only a couple shots of him gazing at picture frames and Magneto, but they work.
    -Nightcrawler opening.
    -"Drop the knives!" "I can't."
    -F-16 chase through to Magneto catching the blackbird.
    -Cyclops trying to save the Prof. I really wish they'd used him more.

    I was really impressed with X2 when I saw it, but I've realized it's only my second favorite. ;)

    -Beast's introduction. I was hoping from when he was announced that his first scene would be him upside down. Was not disappointed.
    -Training scene.
    -Kitty/Rogue tension. They could've done more with Rogue, but whatever. Apparently everyone takes a back seat to Wolverine's screentime in these movies.
    -"Not everyone heals as fast as you, Logan." Good scene. Great line.
    -Wolverine vs. Spyke.

    X3 really, really pissed me off the first time (omg the script, why?!?), but it had some good sequences still.

    Wolverine... eh.
    I'm not going to talk about Wolverine.
  6. Psykoelf Registered

    Aug 31, 2007
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    • Eric bending the gates of the concentration camp apart
    • Rogue and Wolverine on the road together. (I love that line she says "When they come out, does it hurt?")
    • Mystique kidnapping Sen Kelly
    • Wolverine finding Rogue on the train
    • Magneto capturing the X-Men in the head of Statue of Liberty and having Rogue activate the machine.

    X-Men 2
    • Nightcrawler opening sequence (it's still freaking awesome!)
    • Magneto escaping from prison
    • Wolverine rescuing Iceman when the mansion infiltration first starts (the first real taste of berserker rage)
    • Wolverine vs Lady Deathstrike
    • Jean sacrificing herself

    X-Men 3
    • Warren trying to cut his wings off and being found out
    • Phoenix getting it on with Logan and then going ape
    • Phoenix de-atomizing Xavier
    • Multiple Man acting as a decoy
    • Logan killing Phoenix

    • Wade in the elevator
    • Logan nude
    • Gambit blowing Logan out of the club
    • Gambit blowing up the alley
    • Gambit coming to the rescue

    (I could of just said Gambit 4 times really)
  7. Manic X Registered

    May 24, 2009
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    Wolverine's intro in the cage match
    First time Wolvie pops his claws
    Cyclops giving the train station a new sunroof
    Magneto manipulating Wolverine in the train
    Prof X playing chess with Magneto in the plastic prison


    Cyclops getting ambushed at the prison and fighting back
    Wolverine stabbing the initial soldier in the kitchen
    Storm calling tornadoes to fight off the two jets
    Cyclops vs Jean
    Jean turning to stop the giant wave of water at the last second


    Cyclops losing his cool and blasting the water
    Jean vs Xavier (especially when she gains the upper hand and stands up)
    Wolverine fighting off the perimeter guards in the woods
    Beast kicking ass in the final fight
    Juggernaut chasing Kitty

    *honourable mentions - Magneto's first speech to his fellow mutants - first time Iceman ices up - Logan vs Jean - Magneto tossing Wolverine through the woods - Magneto and Pyro combining powers to toss flaming cars

    X3 is a seriously underrated movie. I'm surprised many fans hate it as much as they do


    Deadpool's sword play out of the elevator
    Wolverine escaping the Weapon X facility
    Wolverine vs Gambit in the alley
    Cyclops helping out and taking out the guards
    Deadpool making good use of the optic blasts
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