5 year old Alabama boy being held hostage in underground bunker

Woah... That's freaking crazy. They should do some hi-tech underground digging, and make a hole just big enough to shoot the dude... How awesome would that be!
<insert Bruce Willis in Armageddon joke here>
Seriously though, this is crazy. I hope that boy is safe and this ends calmly. One person already died senselessly over this.
Telling you, we need better mental health procedures for our soldiers that think they need help. Seems like one of these stories involving vets with PTSD etc doing something crazy comes up every so often.
There's an old guy in the neighborhood who owns an AK and threatens to shoot anyone who walks onto his property. People are afraid because someone might walk by with a dog and you don't know what's going to happen. This story reminded me of him. Terrible news though I hope the boy can survive.
With the history this guy had with his neighbors, and his past arrests/legal issues......no law enforcement/etc or anyone thought to look into/watch this guy?

My prayers for the hostage child and his family, the bus driver the guy killed and his family, and the kids on the bus who witnessed this lunacy.
I'll post an update if I see one before someone else.
I truly hope this will have resolve itself peacefully.
Whoa, this is still going on? I hadn't heard anything in a while, thought maybe it had been resolved.
Very sad, and that poor bus driver and the kids that had to witness that. Ugh.
They just did a press conference, looks like they killed that guy and apparently the boy is safe.
The bus driver really should get more mention in the news. He gave his life so all the other kids could escape.
The bus driver really should get more mention in the news. He gave his life so all the other kids could escape.

He did, I saw on the news how they had a parade of school busses leading him to his final resting place.


I know this is just someone's actual youtube, but they are mentioning Mr Charles Poland. RIP.
Well, its all over now folks.

The Irony is that Jimmy Lee Dykes has been practicing how to be 6ft under for a long time.

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