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7.14 - Traveler - Discussion Thread (Spoilers)


Jul 23, 2005
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I sincerely hope this is about Clark getting out of SV & traveling the world.
A time traveler? That would be cool.
Anyone remember the Traveler from "Slumber"? Let's hope it's not that guy again. I'm hoping this one is about Clark starting his traveling as well, but I could be wrong.
Are you talking about Relic ? He wasn't really "time traveling" he was living thru his father but pls correct me if I'm wrong
I think he means Reckoning where Clark traveled back in time and saved Lana at Jonathan's expense.
Let's hope he leaves SV to travel the world. I always thought that was gonna be the season finale in case they were going for 8 seasons.
if he leaves smallville, then the show is over.
I dunno.... if this ep is anything like "Tempus Fugitive" (L&C episode), I'll LOVE it!!! :D :up:
I dunno.... if this ep is anything like "Tempus Fugitive" (L&C episode), I'll LOVE it!!! :D :up:

I loved that episode too. :up:

Could this be about Ezra Small? Or is that just an Online thing.
A. Clark decided he might want to travel the world to see what else is out there.

B. A traveler from Krypton(Dax-Ur) and more is revealed about him

C. A traveler from the future(some Legion of Superheroes member) asking Clark to come to the future with him. This person was deemed the "hero" in the previous episode.

D. None of the Above.....
Hee, hee! Mine too. :yay: It was just a really good story.
AIght... Now I'm gonna watch that ep again tomorrow during work-out. I've been trying to get Tommy to watch it but he keeps resisting. I'm gonna have to resort to more lethal tactics. Heh!
Okay, Reader's Digest version please.

H.G. Wells is a time traveller who goes to the future and brings back this Tempest dude who is from a Eutopia that Lois & Clark created.

Cut a long story short, Tempest wants to kill Superman because the future is boring, there's 10,000 channels and nothings on. :woot:

Tempest steals H.G. Wells' time machine to go back to Smallville 1966 where he's going to kill baby Clark before the Kents have found him.

Lois doesnt know at this stage that Clark is Superman, but she does find out during the episode that he is, but by the end of the episode she doesnt remember because H.G. Wells drops them off before he met up with them.

And I hope this ep isn't about Ezra Small. *yawn*

Oh, I dunno! Could be interesting if he talks about all the cave prophecies and if he has the ability to travel to the future to come back and tell Clark some things.

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