8.11 - Legion - Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

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Alright. Makes sense now. Superman is the only guy with a history this confusing. Christ.
Haven't watched Smallville in a while, missed all of last season, but I had to watch the Legion episode. I gotta say it was one of the best out of the entire run of the show.
I thought the story was good and while the action was a little light it was great. I loved the Legion. Cosmic Boy and Saturn Girl were cast perfectly. I thought the actor playing LL was off or the character just seemed a off. It was both. That kid's voice was a lil annoying, but he served his purpose. I know they have a limited budget but I wanted to see Cosmic Boy in more action. Magnetisim has always been a cool power. I liked the nods to their future costumes and was glad at the same time they weren't shown in costumes. Loved the little metal balls that were on CB's jacket. A nod to his costume.

I like that Brainiac was the villian, and that Chole knows Clark secret. I thought it was dumb for them to erase it from her the first time. Also the despite the corny names of the Legion, like Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl and LL, I thought it was handled very well. It could've easily become camp and corny and yet it worked. Again I thought the actors playing CB and SG were perfect. CB showed good leadership skills and SG had the wisdom and otherworldly personality that worked in the episode. I hope we get more of them.
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