Iron Man 3 9pm debut?


Jul 10, 2008
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I'm sure we've all seen the Iron Man marathon at the Regal cinemas. They lost Iron Man 3 starting at 9pm. Two problems for me being its 3d and I don't wanna sit through a marathon on a work day. Any word if normal 2D one movie showings will start at 9pm on May 2nd too?
The local AMC theaters in my area are having 9 PM showings that aren't part of the marathon. Perhaps other theaters will list more shows as it gets closer to opening day.
I remember when Iron Man 1 came out my local theater showed it at 8 PM that thursday
I'm still going to a midnight showing regardless. Those are always the most fun.
Weird it's not at midnight.

The theater chains are probably trying to get away from midnight openings for a number of reasons. Starting shows at 9 PM is more convenient for fans, particularly when there is school/work the next day. It makes sense and may increase ticket sales.
At our theater (Carmike Wynnsong 15), we have 9 p.m. showings of both 2D and 3D shows of Iron Man 3. If the rival exhibitors haven't added the 2D show, rest assured they will eventually.

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