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I'm enjoying this TNA/NXT crossover. I've don't think Joe Hendry was expecting that ovation


Tony Khan has needed booking help for years. He doesn't need another old wrestler who happens to be a McMahon. Khan has railed against the elder McMahon (and the allegations about him) on social media for years to drum up support for AEW in an entirely self-serving way.
Is he even alive? Head wounds around that area tend to bleed badly and they just left him there as Howdy and the Gang posed. WWE needs to be investigated over these dangerous work environments! This has to be some sort of OSHA violation.

This sounds like a case for Detective Frank Drebin! You know Santino Marella is checking his phone every 5 minutes, this is the angle he's been waiting for :sh:
Despite the fact he "quit" I want Drew McIntyre to win the MitB briefcase.

I'm glad to hear there won't be any supernatural elements to the Wyatt Sicks, a creepy and sinister faction with a flair for the grotesquely theatrical? That I can dig.

Despite the fact he "quit" I want Drew McIntyre to win the MitB briefcase.

I don't think he'll be in it, I'm definitely expecting him to attack Punk tonight in Chicago, setting us on course for them to face off at SummSlam
I saw someone suggest on IG that Drew goes to TNA, challenges Moose for their title only for Punk to ONCE AGAIN **** him over, leading to Drew coming back one night jumping Pink asking to come back in for 1 damn match.

It's a fine piece of fantasy booking.
Jacob Fatu is here! :pcg:

In thought we wouldn't see Roman until SummerSlam, but now I'm thinking he'll show up at Money in three Bank
Maybe since we didn't expect Seth Rollins to come back for Money in the Bank.

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