A new VIRAL campaign for HORROR fans

doesnt seem like anyone is interested, but just in case, i figured out the last name to get approved. its
just like that as one word, i was doing it seperate for a while with spaces in differnt spots and got nothing, then i just pushed it together
You need an account to view pro imdb.
I've never been big on the whole viral thing.
I have an IMDB account, not the pro one though. :o Also, i've stated i'm not fond of myspace.
not fake, the film is by larry meistrich, producer of such films as sling blade, belly, you can count on me, croupier, strangeland, etc. It is called Ratred: The Following. The film is supposed to be about a cult that massacres a small town. From what I gather we are joining his following in the campaign, and the rumor is that there will be a large number of fans selected to actually be extras in the film as cult members. Hopefully the campaign will move off myspace though, that alienates lots of people.
By fake I meant, some small thing that no one has heard of or cares about.

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