A rare breed? Apocalyptic Horror


Oct 28, 2011
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Now, I know we have plenty of apocalyptic zombie films. But there hasn't really been much in the way of non-zombie apocalyptic horror films. Sure, we've had plenty of end of the world stuff...but not from the horror genre.

To me it just seems like a very untapped genre of film.

Can anyone think of any NON-zombie apocalyptic horror films that have come out within the last 5 years?
Hell would count I think. I didn't think it was a very good film but it has the right elements although it is light on the horror part it's got that.
there was an ethan hawke vampire one that could count from australia, or at least i think so - memory might be off though
Off the top of my head:

I got nothing....
Does The Omega Man count?
Cabin in the Woods is kinda horror...
The Road is pretty horrific....and depressing.
This is the End (comedy but with horror elements).
I Am Legend (vampires)
The Last Man On Earth -- Vincent Price
The Last Man On Earth -- Vincent Price


So much better than I Am Legend with Will Smith. Hell, I even prefer Heston in Omega Man over the Smith film.
Decent film but I got more of an action vibe then a horror vibe while watching it.

Didn't really see it, just parts of it. There is a more realistic one... Daybreakers, I think, it's called with Hawke. Or at least I think it's apocalyptic if I remember it right. It's vampires too.

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