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Actors You Would Most Like to Hang Out With.


L'homme qui rit.
Jul 12, 2007
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Title says it all.
To pick their brains, play golf or simply kick back with, have a beer and shoot the breeze.
I put Actors, but it can be Directors, Writers, DP whatever you chose.
Dead or Alive.

I'll start:

_ Johnny Depp. Looks like a cool guy.
_ Bill Murray. Looks like an even cooler guy.
_ Heath Ledger. Mostly to talk about his process into becoming The Joker.
_ Stanley Kubrick. No explanation needed.
_ Paula Patton. No Explanation needed.
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_ John Cassavetes
_ Peter Sellers
Jennifer Lawrence, easily.

She reminds me of some of the girls I've made friends with. Smart and beautiful, but also goofy and very down-to-earth. Plus, she seems very approachable. That's probably part of the reason why I like her so much as a person and an actress.
Johnny Depp
Patrick Stewart
Karl Urban
Alicia Silverstone
Paris Hilton
Tim Curry
Tom Hanks just seems down to earth.
Robin Williams because of his zany comedy.
Jennifer Lawrence because she's incredibly cute.
Mark Hamill because he was my favorite character in SW.
Oh yeah, Tom Hanks would be awesome to hang out, especially hearing him on the Nerdist podcast. Amazing guy!
Edgar Wright, Joss Whdon G. Del Toro, and JJ Abrams.
Frankly the better the actor, the more likely they are to be annoyed by you as a fan. :o
Sean Connery. I'd like to ask him what his favorite moments were on each Bond film he worked on. Plus he's a huge tennis fan.
I'd want to hang out with them together!!!! :woot:
Hahaha:woot: Me too.

Mel Gibson:o
I would talk to him about The Road Warrior, Lethal Weapon and Apocalypto:awesome:
-Johnny Depp.
-Karl Urban
-Kyle Chandler
-Vincent Price
-Mark Gatiss

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