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AICN is reporting that Wonder Woman has been cast.

Megan Gale :( :down

Not a fan of the choice, but hoping she can give a decent performance
Hey, everybody has to start somewhere. Who knew Reeve was going to be iconic when he was first cast?
Well she looks the part. But from what I've seen she can't act.
can't say I have a lot of hope for this film. never did. I just don't think it's a good project for a live action film.

I'd rather they had went totally cgi with it and had some extra-terrestrial force to deal with.

So I guess this is becoming another "Batman & Robin", or "Catwoman".
Models? What have them being a models have to do with anything?
You were judging the movie by the fact that there's a model in the cast.
Do you think the reason she's a bad choice is because she's a model? No, her occupation has nothing to do with it. :yay: :woot: Neither does her shoe-size, or favourit color.
What happened to Taylor Cole?

She never auditioned as far as I know, but if she has she'd have my support 100%. And she's been at college getting her degree in Economics and is also filming a remake of the horror April Fools day
I really hope this isn't true. Gale has no experience as I can tell & can't act enough to pull it off. I wish they choose Mary Elizabeth Winstead (a North Carolina native like me ;)) or Victoria Hill. Hill at least has the look & more acting experience than Gale. :(
I like this. She looks fine... I would have liked bigger boobs for WW though...

But she have the looks alright :)
AICN reports a lot of things, most of their DC tends to be incorrect. We'll see. She looks ok for the part. I've never seen her act. I doubt they'd cast her if she was completely talentless. It's not like she's a "WB name" or anything.
Outside her body, I don't think she looks like Wonder Woman at all.
She's pretty but still to young looking. :dry:

JLA = Justice League of Adolescents.
She's pretty but still to young looking. :dry:

JLA = Justice League of Adolescents.

:huh: How old do you want :ww: to look


Actually, I think she will look older than the actors who are rumored to play Superman and Batman. Aren't those actors like 21 or 22? That's as old as me! Why would WW look older than Superman or Batman. I thought they were the same age?

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