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Alan Scott, do we know you?

Miss Webb

Apr 4, 2004
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Here's a cool collection of neat quotes from our "Statesman" Lantern. The majority of these are in his Sentinel / Zero Hour younger modes.

"I am old school, the oldest school."
-Alan, GL#152

"I'm losing control! You saw what happened when Jen lost control! I am a much greater threat than her!"
-Alan (under the influence of Brainwave), GL#152

"Show me them BIG guns!"
-Alan (taunting Kyle), GL#152

"What's happening? I'm supposed to be young, not like this...not now, please...my daughter needs me. I let her down once, I can't do it again. I have to reach her, she's counting on me to rescue her. She needs a hero...not a useless...old man..."
-Alan (seeing an illusion of himself getting old) Sentinel, Hearts of Darkness #1

"God, you are desperately trying to downgrade me to old man status!"
-Alan (to Kyle, at Terry's party) GL#140

"Who's the Narc with Jen?"
-Terry Berg (about Alan to Kyle) GL #140

"You talk too much."
-Alan (sparring with Kyle) GL #140

"You're repeating yourself. And boring me."
-Alan (to Wally trapped in Kyle's body) Flash/Green Lantern Faster Friends, pt. 2

"I'm your best friend, Jay. Now, and for the rest of our lives."
-Alan Flash/Green Lantern Faster Friends, pt. 2

"The hero is an old man and the wife is a girl. I dreamed of myself and Molly. The sweet past, her face unlined and her body ripe. We struggle, because we are not yet lovers, nor even friends. Even so, when I grasp her there is electricity in the touch."
-Alan (having a nightmare before waking up young) GLQ Quarterly # 5, The Dreaming

"A stranger is looking at me, a face I haven't seen in decades. So smooth, so vital, so perfect."
-Alan (sees himself young for the first time) GLQ Quarterly # 5, The Dreaming

"She is beautiful. A harlot, an angel. I can't take my eyes from her. It's what she wants."
-Alan (Sees a Harlequin in a diamond purple and black outfit) GLQ Quarterly # 5, The Dreaming

"You don't want to be old again. Old and feeble...withering away with nothing but stale memories? Do you want to die a doddering old man's death...while the rest of the world goes on without you?"
-Harlequin (taunting Alan with visions of aging) GLQ Quarterly # 5, The Dreaming

"If I were the enemy you believe I am, I would already have crushed the life from you."
-Alan (surprising Kyle in his apartment in the dark) Zero Hour GL#55 GL vs. GL

"The trip through hyperspace can be disorienting. You might want to close your eyes."
-Alan (flying Molly through space) GLQ Quarterly, # 3

"You'll explain NOW."
-Alan (stopping Hal in his tracks) GL # 16

"Jenny, I'm at the end. Ever since the Starheart turned me into a young man and I stopped being Green Lantern and became Sentinel, I don't know who I am anymore. When I look in the mirror in the morning I'm never sure who'll be looking back at me. I'm barely controlling whatever power is left inside me. Soon, I won't be able to contain it at all...so I came here to wait for the inevitable...I don't want anyone else to be harmed when I...when it happens."
-Alan (after Heart of Darkness, about to blow and spewing flame everywhere) Green Lantern / Green Arrow #110

"I'm as old as I should be again. I'd forgotten what arthritis feels like."
-Alan Green Lantern / Green Arrow #110

"Nazis. That's what they were. Not much different from the ones I fought in the forties.The accents were different but the hate was the same."
-Alan (after fighting terrorist group) GLQ Quarterly # 1

"Not Green Lantern. I willingly relinquished that title along with my ring to Kyle Rayner. I'm starting a new life...reborn by the fires of the Starheart...and I will become it's SENTINEL!"
-Alan (post Zero Hour at grave of fallen friends) DC Showcase # 95

"I knew you would come to me, Alan. We were made...remade...for each other."
-Molly (the soulless young version that sold her soul to Neron) GL # 71 Hero Quest

"Sometimes being cold and hard is what it takes. You draw a line in the sand for yourself, but in the end you need to know when to cross it."
-Alan (to Kyle) GL # 71 Hero Quest

"I'm a superhero. The supernatural is not really my thing. But nobody does this to my hometown."
-Alan (destroying demons with his own demons) Hell's Sentinel / Underworld Abyss

"Dosen't seem to have a weakness to wood anymore."
-Alan (burning a wood dagger in his chest) Hell's Sentinel / Underworld Abyss

"Look at you...not a gray hair anywhere. You don't belong here!"
-Jay (a false Flash Alan battled, created by Harlequin) GLQ Quarterly # 6

"You're just so ruthless, aren't you? Different from the rest of us now. But that's what it's all about, right? Turning your back on the past."
-Harlequin (desguised as Jay, taunting Alan) GLQ Quarterly # 6

"We can live any life, any adventure. All you have to do is pick one. I can make anything real with my powers. Choose a world, and we can be lovers away from this mundane reality."
-Harlequin (to Alan) GLQ Quarterly # 6

"Didn't put up much of a fight, did she? Heart probably wasn't that strong."
-Harlequin (to Alan, after attacking Molly) GLQ Quarterly # 6

"I can be your woman. You're going to leave that old husk, now that you made yourself young."
-Harlequin (to Alan) GLQ Quarterly # 6

"You only think you know who I am. But all you know is what you want me to be. I'm no puppet. You want to be at my side? Learn what it's like at my feet!"
-Alan (creating a version of himself as a hell lord with Harlequin as a slave) GLQ Quarterly # 6

"Oh Alan, I bet a handsome young devil like you says that to all the girls."
-Molly (to Alan after being restored) GLQ Quarterly # 6

"I can't believe my dad's in better shape than I am."
-Obsidian (on seeing Alan young for the first time) GLQ Quarterly # 7

"The Starheart is composed of all mystical energies, both dark and light forced into uneasy union."
-Torquemada (to Alan) GLQ Quarterly # 7

"Oh, I know you WELL, Alan Scott. Part of my being has already suffused you, responding to your subconscious desires for youth and power. It is the might of the Starheart...MY might..that suckles you. It is the Starheart that taints you, drives you to grim thought and deed."
-Starheart (in his earlier, horsefaced version with wings) GLQ Quarterly # 7

"Yes, come to me, Alan Scott. Armored in your rage! Give vent to the darkness in you that is ME!"
-Starheart (waiting an attack by Alan) GLQ Quarterly # 7

"You've won nothing save your own death!"
-Starheart (after rupturing Alan's heart with magic) GLQ Quarterly # 7

I'll add a few more later from the Fate series with Jared Stevens. As you may have noticed, Alan's character is all over the place! A lot of inconsistency with what you see now. GLQ Corps Quarterly is a great series that has well done stories. Also, Issue 7 has a LOT of history on the old lanterns, the guardians and the Empire of Tears. Also a lot of backstory on the Starheart, showing his earlier version.
I remember seeing him in a comic with Kyle Rayner. I think it was from the 90's or so when Kyle first became a Lantern. I recall Alan saying "I AM willpower, Kid. I wrote the book on it." And then they trained or something.

Pretty sure that was when he was fighting his son Todd in JSA. He said something like "Son, I wrote the book on Willpower".
Here's some more good stuff. Now you might read these and go "WTF?" But at one time Alan was supposed to be going in another direction (mystical) because of the Starheart. He was in the young 'badass' mode. He didn't have the weakness to wood and his power levels (and talents) were quite impressive, but never defined by limits. The Fate quoted in all these is Jared Stevens who was the new age Fate. Lotta people loved it when he got bumped off. I kinda liked the dude, myself.

"Yes, even the power of the Conclave may not have altered the outcome of a conflict this large, but that is small comfort. I've seen hell, and this is damn close."

"I've seen enough. I suggest the other members of the Conclave watch their respective domains for signs of this madness. As for me, I'm returning to the Council. I expect all of you to be quite unsettled at my report."
-Alan (as a member of the mystic Conclave, making a report from another dimension) The Book of Fate/Convergence, pt. 1

"The Conclave was conceived as an arbitrating body. The primary Council was given the authority, by the known realms, to settle disputes of any mystic nature."
-Zatanna (to Alan after the Council disbanded) The Book of Fate/Convergence, pt. 1

"Sounds like you got unresolved issues to work out, kid..."
-Jaren Stevens (to the young and angry Alan) Fate #5, Trial by Magic

"Don't call me Kid! I'm old enough to be your grandfather!"
-Alan (in response to Jared) Fate #5, Trial by Magic

"I would petition that suit be brought against the corporeal sentient known as Jared Stevens, also known as Fate. He is in possession of artifacts that are rightfully mine."
-Alan (petitioning in mystic court to become Fate) Fate #7

"Damn you! I thought I could accept YOU as Fate, but not if your incompetence endangers the earth!"
-Alan (to Jared, after his petition fell through) Fate #2

"That's a message from the Conclave. Listen to it, Stevens!"
-Alan (after fighting Jared and mind zapping him) Fate #2

"Be aware that your presence on this plane constitutes a breach of covenant. Be aware that the forces arrayed against you are not by mercy tempered."
-Alan (strutting, arrogantly challenging a Chaos Lord during the Chaos/Order War) Fate #2

"Tired of your preening arrogance am I. All delusions end here! Serving Chaos you are now! Your choice, freely made! Hurt your feelings have I? The noble night of order...seeing yourself as that, are you? Then consider, Alan Scott called Sentinel. If Order's essence defined your nature, you'd not have dreamt of ME."
-Chaos Lord (to Alan, shedding some light on the matter) Fate #2

"Taking them from your corpse, if need be. Yessss. Liking that! Your stinking, foaming corpse..."
-Alan (after succumbing to Chaos, attacking Fate) Fate #2

"Who? The Cavalry, babe. Just watch."
-Jared (talking about Alan, who crashed through a wall and started burning mummies to ash) Fate #21

"Using the green flame to create a Subtle Body is complicated...I can't afford any distractions."
-Alan (while creating a body for Inza) #21

"You're doing fine, Alan. Though really...I never had this kind of figure."
-Inza (pleased with the body Alan made her) Fate #21

"What, you got the number to God's personal secretary?"
-Jared (to Alan about the Spectre) #21

"Har har har. You kill me!"
-Jared (to Alan as they investigated Fate's tower) Fate #12

"Don't think I haven't thought of it."
-Alan (in response) Fate #12

"Graverobbers! Scavengers come to loot the Ruins...to steal the remains of Dr. Fate's legacy. I'LL SEE YOU IN HELL FIRST!"
-Alan (on a typical rampage, burning mummies) Fate #12

"Somebody really ought to have a talk with Sentinel about that temper of his."
-Jared (wondering at Alan's trigger) Fate #12

"Sentinel's still standing. The mummies he and I have been fighting aren't."
-Jared (on a field of battle where an explosion scattered everyone except Alan) Fate #13 /Underworld

'I misjudged you, Fate. Maybe you didn't have grace or manners, but when it came down to it, had what it takes to go the distance. Maybe I'd have seen that if I hadn't let my feelings for the Nelsons get in the way. I should've realized I'd never think anyone would be good enough to replace them. It's time I put aside the past. It's time I went home."
-Alan (after collapsing a dimensional gateway, sealing Jared and Nekkron inside) Fate #13 /Underworld


Seems like Alan's abilities and 'badassery' have disappeared in order to make other Lanterns *cough* look good. :whatever:
I gotta read more of this stuff. Do you know if any of this is collected in trade form?
Unfortunately, I don't think so. The GLQ Quarterly series was cancelled a long time ago (I forget the reasons why). If I can I'll post some images (if someone can tell me the best way to do it). I don't want to drag everything down with slow downloads. Your best bet would be Ebay. A comic convention might be hit or miss, but you'd probably have the most luck getting the Fate series there since it isn't as old. What I like about GLQ is that it featured a lot of lanterns I'd never heard of, and some I knew about.

The easiest way to post images that I've found is to go to www.photobucket.com or www.imageshack.com or one of those websites, create an account, and just start uploading pics to it. They'll give you free web space to host pictures. Photobucket'll even provide the link to the image in
thanks, I'll try that...I've scanned some images in jpeg format, not totally sure how the size will translate. Sometimes file/pixel size dosen't seem to match what comes up online.
@*()#%$//...tried posting the image link in Photobucket, but all that showed up in the preview was the link, no image.

Versus Hector Hammond who managed to command the ring for awhile. This was during the period post war that Alan had "unofficially" retired.

Young again for the first time, during Zero Hour.

Type's kind of small here, I know. Alan's saying he can't change now, Jade needs him to be a hero (not a useless old man). It's an illusion created in his mind from Brainwave about his greatest fear. From Heart of Darkness.

Alan challenging a Chaos Lord during the Order/Chaos war in Fate.
Yeah, I think the limit on images per post is 6. But those are some cool scans. :up:
Anyone who has read Alan Scott's stories knows that Starheart power is pretty powerful stuff. I'd honestly rate Alan's true power up there with Ion. I really would. I am waiting for the day (It may never come) when Alan and Kyle (As Ion) team up and you see some serious fighting.

I remember seeing him in a comic with Kyle Rayner. I think it was from the 90's or so when Kyle first became a Lantern. I recall Alan saying "I AM willpower, Kid. I wrote the book on it." And then they trained or something.

The or something means they had sex doesn't it? :(


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