All Fictional Heroes vs. Villains


Sep 13, 2012
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Hi guys, I've created this thread so we can cock about mix-match heroes vs villains from various comic creators. This could be hilarious. Instead of just The Avengers Initiative, what if all the heroes and villains of DC, Transformers, BanDai.. etc clicks in together? Just imagine the world is at the peak level of threat, probably it all started from Tony Stark carried that nuclear missile and blasted the Chitauri's quad-ship and caused the flame, but the Chitauris cant seek for their vengeance because Thor has brought the Tesseract back to Asgard. In-order for the Chitauris to take their vengeance, they must get the Tesseract, and Loki is definitely in for help on that. So Loki spiked Thor and Odin with a huge amount of acid and they went bad trip, the whole Asgard went upside down. So Loki took the advantage of opening the portal and let the Chitauris to invade Asgard and used the Tesseract to invade earth again. by the time that Odin and Thor got sober from their trip, it was too late.

Luckilly Optimus Prime commanded the rest of the Autobots to invade the Chitauri's planet for distraction. Unfortunatelly the Chitauris are best allies with the Decepticons, and the Decpticons wanted the Cube while the Chitauris wanted the Tesseract badly, they both share a vision of combining the two cubes together and see what will happen.

Feel free to continue with various ideas,

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