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    My buddy and I recorded a podcast on the various Superman Tv shows and what we liked or didn't like about various Superman shows, and what we'd like in future versions of the franchise:

    I'm thinking about doing som follow up stuff using short videos on YouTube.

    How do you guys rank the Tv versions of Clark, Lois or Lex? I presume that STAS versions may have an advantage since they're the only straight adaption of the mythos without any twists or handicaps, but is that solidly true? And if it is, who's you're favorite live action version of the character?

    Personally, for me:

    Lex goes to Clancy Brown as Lex in STAS, since he manages to be a good combination of supporting character, series anatagonist, and eventual big bad of Justice League, all with a good range of businessman Lex and mad scientist Lex along the way. Then I'd go Michael Rosenbaum in Smallville, since he's arguably the best part of the show for the first half, but has a few too many weird stories to beat Brown's take, than Shea in L&C, since as good as he is, he is kind of stuck as a romance villain, instead of pure supervillain. All three are still great though.

    Clark goes to Tim Daly/George Newburn in the DCAU as well, mostly for the sake of consistency, but there's not quite as much clear disparity here. I think that Tom Welling and Dean Cain both do a great job with what they're given, particularly Cain in the "Casual Clark" aspects of L&C, while Welling has a ball doing different versions of Clark in other realities or under the effect of kryptonite. Cain's maybe limited again by L&C's romance first nature and cheesy 90's style, while Welling had to deal with a lot of inconsistent writing for Clark in Smallville.

    Lois is maybe the only one where I'll break from STAS. I personally like Erica Durrance more, but that's probably because she had more oppurtunities to carry Smallville a bit in later seasons; Delaney is great, but I like Durrance-Lois's ability to flit between action hero to rom-com lead depending on the situation, and as insane as her stories were, her characterization was actually among the more consistent on the show, and as long as that held true, I actually found myself enjoying the he insanity; it kind of proves there's some value in those Silver Age stories of Lois getting into whacky hijinks. Teri Hatcher does a good job in L&C, but the character's kind of written as a bit of an idiot at times.

    Who's yours, and why?

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