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All Things Superman: An Open Discussion (Spoilers) - Part 75

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For the new thread...






I like what I'm seeing of Krypton. It's The Titanic of the comic book world. A doomed beauty.
What footage are those gifs from?

That's what I want to know as well.lol If Kane was able to make gifs of that then there has to be some footage of that floating around.
75 parts times 40 pages each. That's 3,000 pages of random Superman discussion. Good job guys, I think we're all about to be rewarded too ;). Also 75 years of Superman.
It's a crime that the newscast that showed the footage couldn't actually give us the audio playing with the scene instead.lol
Well, this is awkward


Weak acting by Cavill. *ducks and hides*
Well, this is awkward


Weak acting by Cavill. *ducks and hides*

Is this serious? It's 30 seconds of decent acting... He didn't need to blow everyone away with those lines. The only issue is that he sounded a little british with "resisted" but after probably over an hour of runtime I doubt I'll notice that in the cinema.
30 Seconds of "weak" acting in a 143 minute long film. BOMB CONFIRMED.
Could you please put a link to that video?
Sorry, i meant the jorel/zod one
I thought it was cute too. It looks to be the first time he's truly embracing the whole "being an alien and having powers" thing instead of being ashamed of it.

The eyebrow raise had me :funny:
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