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The Boys Amazon's The Boys General Discussion Thread

Given that Butcher and Homelander are having hallucinations due to Compound V, is it possible that the Deep can’t really talk to marine life and just thinks he can? I’m wondering if the squid’s voice is just in his head.
Given that Butcher and Homelander are having hallucinations due to Compound V, is it possible that the Deep can’t really talk to marine life and just thinks he can? I’m wondering if the squid’s voice is just in his head.
I suppose anything is possible. :)
the whole horrific action of that scene is in the top ten best WTF did I just see moments in the show's entire run to date :funny:
I thought
she found Deeps octopus killed it, cooked it, and portrayed it as a blooming onion. that maybe dark but they did have a scene prior.

Oh that would be awesome. Though I think the Deep would have been able to tell that he wasn’t eating an onion.
To be honest I'm kind of expecting a bigger death at the end of this season. I figure the only characters who are 100% safe until the final season are Hughie, Butcher, Starlight and probably Kimiko. And of course Homelander over on the Vought side. Everyone else is fair game.

Prediction but still spoiler tagging: I could see Frenchie and/or A-Train not making it to season 5. Frenchie only because he seems to be more prominent than usual this season, not really based on anything else. And if they're giving A-Train a redemption arc, those usually don't end well for characters.
They have been flirting with A-Train getting killed for some time now. It is bound to happen or hopefully a twist and he actually comes out of the show just badly beaten.
Frenchie seems like he will get hurt this season since he has gotten extra screen time. They could have killed Kimiko last season so she is off the table.
Yeah that would also make me think maybe not, but maybe the smartest person in the world can make it taste different.


I wonder what her long game is with the Deep. She clearly knows just how to manipulate him but I’m not sure how useful he could really end up being if she’s planning to ultimately take out Homelander.
After Season 5 - should Amazon do a The 7 movie? Base it in one of the movies within The Boys universe?
I'm mostly enjoying Season 4 so far, though I do feel like it's just missing a little sparkle or something - can't quite put my finger on it, but something feels different from S3. But it's early days so will see how it pans out.

Curious about some of the fan theories I've seen online, such as
Kessler is not real, but another hallucination that Butcher is having
I'm waiting until all the episodes are available to binge it. My feeling is the show was getting kind of repetitive in Season 3, and the ending sort of just left everyone in the same place they were at the start of the season.
I just started watching the new season. I thought they dropped all episodes in 1 day so I might have to watch this in a weekly basis. My interest is definitely waning, so it was good news that they announced that its ending in season 5.
A great episode IMO. They're really fighting a constant up hill battle, aren't they? I'm especially thinking about Starlight and that possible cooperation with the politician (senator?), whom already felt interesting in last episode. But of course it backfired. Hope though we see more of him, since IIRC he's the first politician/public figure we've seen that's sceptical of The Seven and seemingly wants to take action aginst them?

Love the blatant satire of the right wing, the evangelic christian stuff etc etc in this show. Even though (as a non American) I'm not aware of what they've might've said or done, both Jon Voight and Kanye West got hit here lol. Sage is an interesting addition to The Seven, and I'm really curious what she really might be up to in the end. Would be disappointing if she with her super intelligence is OK with just being a Vought tool, without having her own agenda or plans.
Watched Ep4 last night.

Wow, Homelander really lost it in this one didn't he? Fantastic acting by Starr again. He's so intimidating all the time.

Wonder what's going on with Butcher now. Blacked out, and woke up to find the supe he was fighting torn to shreds?

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