Iron Man 3 AMC, Regal Entertainment theaters, and Cinemark Theaters will not be showing IM3


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Apr 17, 2012
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Saw this on tweeter via marvel_freshman

I'm not sure why this hasn't made a bigger splash, but as of right now, the three largest theater chains in the U.S. will not be showing Iron Man 3, arguably the biggest movie of the year.
Here's an article from Wall Street Journal with further details

but it comes down to money (obviously).

Disney is attempting to renegotiate terms with the distributors to get more money. Apparently their demands are too much for the theater chains, and have pulled ticket sales from their websites and theaters (though the WSJ article doesn't mention theaters).
It'll be interesting to see what Disney does, as these guys run over 1/3 of the nation's theaters. I can't imagine that we won't see Iron Man 3 in Regal, AMC, and Cinemark theaters, but Regal has actually not shown a major film before due to similar disputes.

What are your thoughts? Who is wrong/right?

Also, indeed this is a recent development. Theaters had already had tickets on sale, including special marathons. Now they are gone, so if you've purchased a ticket, you may want to contact your theater to see how they're handling things.

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It's probably not being made a big deal out of because no one thinks this is going to go on for long.

it's their loss seeing as the movie is awesome.
I don't think you understand how big those theaters chains are in the US. Where I live, they're almost the only places to see movies like IM3. If none of these theaters show IM3 then I will literally not be able to see it.
Wow...scumbag disney? or do these types of issues pop up regularly in America? (and they eventually sort themselves out?)
Yeah those are the only chains in a reasonable location from me. But I cannot fathom that they won't have something worked out. Theatres have been hit hard with this 2013 slump, and they only make their money in the few peak seasons sprinkled in the year. Frankly, I don't think selling concessions amounts to much for the 10+ months in the year where business is at a standstill.
I hope this doesn't result in even higher food prices. It's already like $10 for a hot dog. -_-
I can't see this lasting a long time. Amc and regal make up the majority of theaters where I am in Houston, Texas. And most of the younger crowd goes to the amc theaters.
WHAT?!? I don't understand why they'd do this.
My kids won't be happy. The two theaters by THEM are AMC and Regal
didn't realise this would impact people so much. really sucks to hear.

how could this happen? doesn't make sense to me at all. hopefully they will work something out before may
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Disney's made some really STUPID moves the last few months. The other stupid thing was letting alot of the artists from the animation go.
Disney's made some really STUPID moves the last few months. The other stupid thing was letting alot of the artists from the animation go.

So what's the plan now? I bet your kids are eager to see this movie. :csad:
This deal will get done before next Friday. I wouldn't worry....
But....I already have my tickets for an AMC showing O_O

Edit: -_- I is pissed they ignoring fact I ALREADY BOUGHT TICKETS!!!! ARRRGH

"Dear David,

Thank you for contacting AMC Theatres. Ticket sales for Iron Man 3 are currently on hold. We hope to be finalizing the licensing with Disney shortly. We want our guests to stay updated on tickets sales so please text IM3TIX to 242424 to opt in to our SMS program.


AMC Guest Services."
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This is unfortunate.

The cinemas closest to where I love are either local chains or non-chain. I can understand the frustration for those who have already purchased tickets.

I agree with the above posts about prices: the economy is hitting the theaters hard. Anymore, I skip buying concessions, as they have the reached the same price as a film ticket (and when one is an unemployed student, they try to monitor their money tightly.)
I'm fighting right now with Both AMC & Fandango for my money back I'm not taking any chances, with Fandango it's more of trying to switch my tickets to a different theater, but they are both being robotic with their answers ugh.
Damn phone robots. They're like hispanic people that act like they don't know english. Oh, they know... THEY KNOW!
Wow...scumbag disney? or do these types of issues pop up regularly in America? (and they eventually sort themselves out?)
These things happen a few times a year with the different studios, and they always work themselves out. Not just in America, either
Um, I don't know who wrote that article, but that's either a total exaggeration or complete BS.

You're talking about the three largest theater chains in the US. Nobody would turn away business like that.
Yeah, everybody will be all smiles and gladhanding by May 3; but even if, for some unfathomable reason, the theater chains don't back down, Disney would likely end-around them and just go ahead and same-day release IM3 to PPV, Netflix, and what have you. Cut out the middle man.
Getting somewhere

"Dear david,

Thank you for your email and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

Unfortunately, we are not able to exchange your tickets. Once a transaction has been completed we cannot change any of the order details. Normally we are not able to offer refunds, but in this case we may be able to make an exception for you. To be eligible for a refund you must repurchase through Fandango for another theater.

Please reply to this email once you have repurchased so we can send your request to our refunds department. We ask that you make your repurchase in the next 24-48 hours.

When you repurchase, please be sure to verify that all the transaction details are correct before clicking ‘Complete My Purchase.’ Also, be sure to use the same email address so we will be able to find your new transaction.

We look forward to your response.

Best regards,"
ZERO chance that they don't show Iron Man 3. ZERO. That said, glad my IMAX is a Carmike. :)

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