AMC to Bring Dan Simmon's The Terror to Television

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Oct 24, 2004
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Source: Deadline , Dan Simmons
February 13, 2013


AMC has a new horror-themed television series on the way in the form of "The Terror," an adaptation of Dan Simmon's novel. Deadline has the news, saying that Scott Free TV, Television 360 and producer Alexandra Milchan are developing the story for the small screen. Published in 2007, the book is officially described as follows:

The men on board the HMS Terror - part of the ill-fated 1845 Franklin Expedition - are entering a second summer in the Arctic Circle without a thaw, stranded in a nightmarish landscape of ice & desolation. Endlessly cold, they struggle to survive with poisonous rations & a dwindling coal supply. But their real enemy is even more terrifying. There is something out there in the frigid darkness: an unseen predator stalking their ship, a monstrous terror clawing to get in, picking the men off one at a time.

David Kajganich (The Invasion, Blood Creek) is attached to adapt the screenplay for the pilot.

Something different for AMC.
If this hits, maybe we'll see Song of Kali or Carrion Comfort. That'd be nice.
Like the premise, not sure how you get five seasons out of it. Hopefully they can get it paired with The Walking Dead. If it does get picked up to series it likely be fall 2014 if they're going to film in during a Canadian winter.
Glad to see they're going forward with it, I thought it was dead. And AMC is getting into the anthology series, they'll keep the name The Terror for a second season and new premise.
AMC horror series to air in 2017.

Variety is reporting this morning that AMC has acquired the European and Latin American rights to THE TERROR, the anthology series based on author Dan Simmons’ same named book, previously announced by the network in March. Adapted by TRUE STORY’s David Kajganich, THE TERROR is set in 1847 when an expedition exploring the Northwest Passage is ravaged by monster that picks them off one by one.
AMC has ordered ten 60-minute episodes to air in 2017.
THE TERROR is executive produced by the great Ridley Scott along with David W. Zucker, Alexandra Milchan and Scott Lambert.
The series hails from Scott’s Scott Free, Emjag Productions and Entertainment 360 in association with AMC Studios.
More on the show when we hear of it…
I may give this a shot if the first couple of eps grab me...
Jared Harris Joins AMC’s “The Terror”

Garth Franklin -

Thursday, September 29th 2016 12:41 pm

“Mad Men” and “Fringe” actor Jared Harris has scored the a key role in “The Terror,” AMC’s new anthology drama series based on the bestselling novel by Dan Simmons. Scott Free, Emjag Productions, Entertainment 360 and AMC Studios will produce.
The story is set in 1847 and deals with the real life disappearance of Captain Sir John Franklin’s Royal Navy expedition crew, consisting of the HMS Erebus and HMS Terror, and their search for the Northwest Passage. The wreck of the Terror was only found in real life earlier this month.
The series will take a fictional spin on events with the crew attacked by a mysterious predator that stalks the ships and their crews in a suspenseful and desperate game of survival. David Kajganich is penning and will serve as showrunner alongside Soo Hugh.
Harris will play Francis Crozier, Captain of the HMS Terror and second in command of the expedition behind Sir John Franklin (Ciaran Hinds). He is a brilliant sailor and captain, but an Irishman who has reached his glass ceiling in the British Royal Navy and has become disillusioned with its pomp and politics.
Also omboard are Tobias Menzies as James Fitzjames, Paul Ready as Henry Goodsir, and Adam Nagaitis as Cornelius Hickey. All will play integral members of the crew aboard the ships.
The project is getting a ten-episode straight-to-series order and is said to be an anthology which means the second season will likely tackle a very different story. Filming kicks offthis winter in Budapest with a 2017 premiere planned.
Source: AMC
It won't premiere until 2018 which hopefully means the show has turned out well and AMC is saving it for "Emmys season" as their entry to pick up nominations in the limited series categories.
I remember reading this book practically 10 yrs ago and haven't heard it being developed until now. It's a very long book but could easily be fit into 10 episodes. One of the things I remember about it that I didn't like was things kind of dragged especially in the second half of the book so this perhaps will tie things up better. As a movie, it just wouldn't work as well. I didn't think the story twists were all that much to make a large budget movie or a multi-season TV show either without "adapting" to a large extent. I think a high budget limited series works best for this property.

Lots of things needed to fall into place from the business end to get things going it seems so hoping for the best.
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This sounds like it could be a really cool project with the right production values.
‘The Terror’ Review: AMC’s Historical Horror Story is a Creepy Delight

The Terror comes from a long tradition of gothic horror stories of foolhardy men who dare to tamper with the natural order; whose hubris gets the better of them, and sends them on the path to destruction. It’s no coincidence that Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein featured a framing device about a naval expedition lodged in ice.

In adapting Dan Simmons’ novel, creator David Kajganich has streamlined the text into something compelling and manageable. Simmons’ novel is exhaustive to the point of being exhausting – the author clearly did a ton of research, and left none of it out of the book. The Terror discards some of Simmons’ loftier, often maddening diversions for a more concise, engrossing narrative. With each episode running around 45 minutes (without commercials), The Terror is surprisingly breezy, bustling from one moment to the next.

Yet at the same time, the series never feels rushed. It takes its time to introduce us to the characters, and is also wise enough to change the scenery from time to time. Rather than keep us stuck out on that ice for the whole series, The Terror provides flashbacks to events before the expedition, as well as scenes of loved ones back home wondering just what, exactly, has happened when word from the men ceases completely.
Meh. I'd be more interested if this was Hyperion.
Nice. :D I'm just surprised there were no commercials for it during Walkiing Dead, unless I missed them.....
Finally seeing commercials for this, it looks great. I've started reading the book. :)
Can anyone tell me, is this paranormal or supernatural in theme, or is it more ... thriller?

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