American Dad VS Family Guy

Both these shows are awesome,two of my favorites.
It's a fun fighter. Not very responsive and the colision detection is atrocius. But for being flash it works well.
Fmaily Guy is funny (not quite as much as it used to be, but still pretty funny), but American Dad just isn't funny. It's like all those aother shows that might be funny to certain people but aren't actually funny, like will & grace or everybody loves raymond or dahrma and greg or something.
but it's actually not. But evryone has their own sense of humor.
As much as I like American Dad, Family Guy is the better show out of the two.
They should make a movie where both shows are in it together.
Well, The Simpsons did make a guest appearence in the intro to a Family Guy episode so it is possible for a movie of both.
Roger the Alien is the best character on American Dad.
Yeah, I love the fact he's gay.

I love doing Klaus' voice as well!! Just like Stewies...I can do them pretty well.
lol...I was just reading the copyright thing at the bottom pf the website (I'm making a blog template using FGvAD) and saw this:


That's a character in Street Fighter, isn't it?
I think they're both pretty funny. I'm more partial to Family Guy, I agree that American Dad is getting a bit better.
Oh yeah, Family Guy is better. I keep thinking and agreeing to myself to get American Dad on DVD.

Some episodes were bittersweet, but I'd do it all just for Roger :D
I was a bit surprised to see American Dad had come out with a DVD so soon. They seemed to have no shame in advertising it in their time slot.

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