Angel season 6 - Part 1

Didn't know if this thread had been created, so I said screw it and made one. I am so happy and excited this is getting made, this way Angel's story can come have the closure it always deserved. I know I'm in the minority, but I'm a bigger Angel fan than Buffy, and I consider Angel my third favorite "hero" of all time behind Superman and Batman, and thats knocking out alot of competition. As a full grown man, I teared up at the end of Not Fade Away, the last Angel episode, thinking that either Angel and company died or we would never know what happened to them. And it really bugged me that Wesley died, he was my second favorite Whedon character and I loved how his character progressed over the years. You could see the change build in a subtle way, and then after his friends abandoned him, for good reason mind you, he snapped. I bet they wish they hadn't killed Wes now. But yes, I am, again, so thrilled that this is being made and I hope it is a good send off to the character of Angel. I always wanted to write for Angel, even more than Superman, so I'm praying this is awesome.

I want to say this thread for all Angel fans, lets just get together and shoot the sh^t about season 6 or even the series in general. I'd love to just talk about it!

Edit: I didn't see the Buffy season 8 thread, and that the topic of discussion at the moment is Angel. Feel free to move it to this thread if you want, or not, and leave that thread to Buffy! Either or, doesn't matter...

Sorry for the thread necromancy here :D
But since this thread was able to go this long i think i should come here to ask if the After the Fall and IDW stuff are worth reading, aparently only the first 17 issues are trully canon but the rest of the story also seems interesting.

And since Angel has come back to Dark Horse, has anybody been reading Angel & Faith?

By the way, are any of the IDW comics post-After the Fall good?

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