Anger of bieber Anne frank comments


Jul 27, 2001
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Anger over Justin Bieber's Anne Frank message

The singer's "belieber" comment was quoted on the Anne Frank House Facebook page

Justin Bieber has caused outrage with his message in a guestbook at the Anne Frank Museum, saying he hoped the Holocaust victim would have been a fan.

The 19-year-old pop idol wrote: "Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber."

It has provoked fierce online criticism of the Canadian singer, who is in Amsterdam as part of a tour.

The museum defended the star but added his comment "wasn't very sensible".

The Canadian singer's comment was quoted on the Anne Frank House Facebook page following his visit on Friday evening.

Anne Frank's diary, written during the two years the teenager and her family hid from the Nazis in occupied Amsterdam, made her a symbol of the suffering of Jews during World War II.

The house has been turned into a museum dedicated to the young girl, who died in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in 1945 aged 15.

The suggestion that had she lived today, the teenager would have been a "belieber" - a term used by his devoted fans to describe themselves - generated thousands of horrified responses on social networking websites.

"Just saw what Justin Bieber wrote in the Anne Frank Museum guestbook. Absolutely disgusted," read one tweet.

"Way to turn an inspiring moment into something about yourself," read another.

However, museum spokeswoman Maatje Mostart defended the young star to the BBC, saying: "He's 19. It's a crazy life he's living, he didn't mean bad… and also it's nice that he made the effort, he didn't have to come."

Ummm yeah just yeah.....
Lol that's kinda funny. But it doesn't make me angry or anything. He's just a kid
I'm more disgusted with the fact that "belieber" is a word people are actually using.
Lol that's kinda funny. But it doesn't make me angry or anything. He's just a kid

He's not just a kid. He's 19 years old, has a team of PR people with him, he should know better.
Oh, you wacky Canucks.
Normally, I don't get easily offended. But this just burns me to the core. As if I didn't hate Bieber enough, he goes and pulls some stupid-ass selfish **** like this. Sure, he didn't mean any harm by it. That much is obvious. If he had left the "belieber" comment out, I actually would have gained a shred of respect for him. Again, HE'S PROMOTING HIMSELF AT AN ANNE FRANK MUSEUM. I just hope that in 5 years, someone at the Anne Frank museum reads that comment and goes, "Who was that?" and someone will reply, "Just some punk kid who thought he was God's gift to pop music, but really he just came off as an ass. He spent all of his money after a pretty bad crystal meth addiction and he now works at a Starbucks in Toronto."
I agree with he's just a kid and not the brightest bulb in the shed. It wasn't meant to outrage
When does a kid stop being a kid? He's 19 years old, he's a ****ing adult. Stop using the "he's just a kid" argument.
He is technically an adult, but to say he has the mindset of a 12 year old is an insult to 12 year olds.
Justin Bieber is not technically an adult, he's an adult in every aspect of the word. Plus, he has an agent, a PR firm and a studio backing him. Someone should have been wise enough in his camp to suggest a better entry.
He's 19?! I thought he was like, 15 or something.

The guy is an absolute tool.
Obviously his PR cares less about what he does. I mean really. He smokes weed and does and says whatever he wants
he takes himself quite seriously doesn't he?
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And his rabid fans support him no matter what he says or does. So he really doesn't need PR anyways
His comment deserves a facepalm or an eye roll, not outrage. I, personally, didn't find it offensive.
couldnt help but be reminded of this

Randal Graves: What "handicapped"? He's just in a wheelchair — it's not like he's Anne Frank or something.
Dante Hicks: [confused] Anne Frank?
Randal Graves: Yeah, Anne Frank. The chick who was all [idiot voice] "duhhh!" until the miracle worker showed up and knocked some smarts into her.
Dante Hicks: You're talking about Helen Keller.
Randal Graves: No, I'm not. I'm talking about Anne Frank. She was deaf, dumb and blind.
Dante Hicks: No, she wasn't — Helen Keller was deaf, dumb and blind.
Randal Graves: Are you sure?
Dante Hicks: Yep.
Randal Graves: Then who is Anne Frank?
21 years old is when a kid stops being a kid in my book.

Well, your book isn't what's legal in the eyes of the law. 18, you stop being a kid for all rights and purposes. At the very least, he should be thinking more like an adult, and this clearly showed he wasn't.

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