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Legends Animated DVD/Blu Ray Features

Hunter Rider

Staff member
Oct 24, 2004
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One of the things I think DC have done really well over the last few years is manage their animation division, adapting some of the most popular comic book arcs into animated films direct to the DVD/Blu Ray market.

With Star Wars I think Disney have a great opportunity to do something similar. For instance I think the movies will continues to take the story forward but how about an Old Republic set of movies in animated form? Or how about an adaption of Shadows of the Empire?

Then there is the potential for something like a prequel animated movie about Boba Fett, or my personal favourite the Chronicles of Obi-Wan Kenobi that covers his time between ROTS and ANH.

I think the possibilities here are very exciting, anyone else interested?
I was thinking that would be the route to go when CW wraps up.....

..but personally I want Shadows of the Empire with the look from The Old Republic cutscenes/trailers...
Yeah, I imagine if they do some animated features it wont be in the style of the CW.

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