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Nov 30, 2007
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I would like to announce that I am currently in the process of wrighting a script for a new fan film adaptation of the origin of TDK's Joker titled A Serious Clown: The Origins of The Joker. I am currently the wrighter and director, and I might even be playing the J man himself in the film, though that's not official yet. I am also dedicating this movie to Heath Ledger. The story will focus on how The Joker goes from a comon disturbed deliquant who belongs to a gang of street thugs (heavily influenced by A Clock Work Orange) to becoming the insane clown clad criminal he is known as. The movie will primarily focus on how he got his facial scars and his appearance in general (sorry no chemical bath for the fans of the oldschool clown prince), also his motives for wanting to burn Gotham will be explained. He will be called The Joker (J for short) through out the entirety of the film, as I didn't wan't to give him a pre-Joker identity, and the reason behind the name will be explained in the film as well. I am currently half way done with the script and filming is set to begin during the summer. I am also trying to round up people besides my friends who are currently interested. I am in need of people who are good with photoshop and possibly other software. So let me know if any of you are interested. Stay tuned for news and updates.:hoboj:
Sounds cool, can't wait to hear more. Your role in making your film sounds suprisingly like mine in a non-batman related film. Me and my friends are writing, directing, and starring in our film, and filming begins summer. But anyway, it sounds cool, keep us posted.
Thanks, I just realized that I may have posted this in the wrong topic, my bad, so if any mod or admin is reading would you kindly move it please?
Hey dude, i'm currently studying for a degree in Film and TV Production so if you need any industry standard paperwork give me a PM. I got loads of stuff, and I don't mind giving your finished script the once over with an outside view on it.

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