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Another reason that Burton movies rock!!

As awesome as Beetlejuice was, what's this got to do with the misc Batman films?
as an older person, i actually dont really get that scene. still rocks though. winona pre- manquin sex object = awsome.
Um. Great... Thanks for that.
Is this one of those 'Alec Baldwin could have been Briuce Wayne' threads?
OMGDZ, alec baldwin culd have been teh btmanz?!!!one!!!1!
My favorite Burton movie without a doubt but Alec Baldwin really hates it.
he sounded like a loonatic on that phone call. all the baldwins are nuts.
lol yeah i forgot about that whole phonecall thing, that was hysterical. you should see how they parodied that on youtube with dora the explorer, she picks up the phone and says "ola!" and balwin starts cursing at her, it was so funny.
Not Burton's best movie... but a damn good and entertaining one.

The man's only made one mistake in his entire career IMO...Planet of the Apes.

I mean the man gave us this masterpiece...


And of course, we bat fans owe him alot!!


Of course Burton's movies rock... but are we in the right place here?
Yeah, Planet of the Apes was not nearly Burton enough to be much of a reinvention. It wasn't really all that great. Still, if that film is considered a "bomb" for a director, it's definitely saying that he is one damn fine director.
Not just any little girl, Kim Bass-inger Jr.

Alec Baldwin should totally write a book on parenting :woot:

and mizz basinger can write the forward. she can talk about how she thought it appropriate to release her 11 year old daughter's private message to the media.

and then we can hand her a mother of the year award.
Surely that's going to Heather Mills this year?
Im glad i can love Begins and TDK and the burton films. I love Edward Scissorhands, I actually just got it on Blu-Ray. :up: Winona is so hot in that film.

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