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Feb 21, 2005
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What gadgets do you think we might see Pym or Lang use?


Created by Hank Pym during the West Coast Avengers days.

Rover is a low level sentient terrestrial combat vehicle which Pym carried in his pocket. It is capable of seting three people, could fly, contained a flame thrower, acid spray, gas vent, smoke bombs, grappling hooks and could climb walls.



The utility harness Pym wore as Goliath which contained shrunken fully-equipped portable shelters, electrical generators, mini laboratory among other things.

Ant-Man helmet


Wrist Stinger designed by Pym bioelectric energy blasts fired from his hands much and used by him as Yellowjacket and by Janet as Wasp.

The Stinger Gun/Ray Gun bioelectric energy blast gun.

Jetpack Pym used West Coast Avengers

Wasp Goggles: Pym wears a pair of specially designed goggles that allow him to scan, collect, and transmit an unknown level of computer data and information, transmit his thoughts as radio frequencies to receiving radio equipment such as his Ant-Man helmet, and communicate with insects when not serving as eye protection.

Toolbot: The toolbot is a small, technological, handheld multi-tool device that stores hundreds of useful such as a key, minicomputer, and energy sword which are all shrunken down to microscopic sizes with a computer programed "smart chip" giving Pym the right, or appropriate tool in any situation.
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Some robot named Ultron. ;)

I'd kind of prefer Pym to be a more of a biochemist who specializes in nanotech and "Pym Particles," than be a gadgeteer --- that would make him kind of redundant to Stark, who would have to be the far superior gadgeteer anyway.
I actually kind of hope that "Ant-Man" is effectively only a name, not a power schtick. Which is to say, that he doesn't go around controlling ants. It'd be very tough to do in a not-silly manner. Not *impossible*, no, but tough.
I think controlling ants could work. In the mummy films Imhotep controlled scarabs and it didn't come off as goofy.

The ant attack scene in indiana jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull worked also.
I actually kind of hope that "Ant-Man" is effectively only a name, not a power schtick. Which is to say, that he doesn't go around controlling ants. It'd be very tough to do in a not-silly manner. Not *impossible*, no, but tough.

Only to those who aren't familiar with how effective he has used ants in the comics.

Once the audience sees it utilized on the big screen, they will no doubt be on board.
I actually kind of hope that "Ant-Man" is effectively only a name, not a power schtick. Which is to say, that he doesn't go around controlling ants. It'd be very tough to do in a not-silly manner. Not *impossible*, no, but tough.

I would prefer if he simply makes nanobots using ants as the design concept, and he controls those with his helmet. Doesn't use them as a weapon, but as a construction/repair tool for his creations.
I liked when the Masters of Evil strapped their prisoner Henry Pym into his latest invention: a massive machine that supposedly allowed one to live forever. Thinking Pym might be lying, they decide to test it on him and flip the switch.

Under their very noses, Hank had actually built a war machine capable of defeating the Masters of Evil singlehandedly. Protected by an impenetrable reactive forcefield, ‘Super Hank’ took over the Beetle’s armor by remote control and crashed him into his teammates.
Would Pym Pockets be too much?

Probably not, though you likely would want to establish some phlebotinum guidelines so he can't simply shrink *anything* he encounters. Otherwise, you'll likely have plot holes of the "so why doesn't he just shrink the bad guy to ant sized and stick him in a jar" variety. Plus, if you establish that stuff has to be blasted by Large Fixed Pym Ray before they can be size shifted, it allows for a scene where he actually *does* solve the problem by shrinking it.
Pym has used ants to swarm around and attack people in the same way that we'd see Batman releasing all these bats in the various Dark Knight movies. That strategy has saved him or his teammates on more than one occasion where, for example, there is a hostage situation and he can't make a move. By releasing the ants, he's been able to attack the bad guy and free the hostage.

In fact, didn't he do that as Yellow Jacket in the YJ episode of A:EMH?
They could use should use Bullet Ants

Bullet Ants
Bullet ants of South America are known to have the most painful sting of insects on the entire planet, rated at the highest of the Schmidt Pain Index at 4.0+. The name of the ant is derived from the intense 24-hour pain the venom from the stings cause. Bullet ants are also giants, ranging from 18 to 25 mm long (1 inch).

The venom is highly neurotoxic, causing excruciating pain when injected into mammal smooth muscle. When attacked, these killer ants release a musky order, swarm together to defend against the intruders, and literally grab and sting them to death.

Some tribes in South America knock out the bullet ants with natural chloroform and weave them into the inside of gloves, stingers outward. The boys must wear the gloves and endure every single sting from the awakening bullet ants for ten full minutes without screaming. This is part of the initiation into manhood and a boy cannot truly 'become a man' until he completes this ritual 20 times. After each ordeal, the arms become paralyzed and quiver for days.
he should have those special gloves from the Mission Impossible movies; that allow someone to scale buildings.
I don't want this to feature in the movie obviously but I always liked the Hornets Nest. Yellowjacket's little prison.

Ya know what, Ant Mans helmet reminds me of ULTRON haha. Guys, I think Ant-Man might be one of the coolest standalone MCU movies. Theres some truly awesome potential in there. Just the gadgets alone gives you that feeling. All the science stuff is exciting.
The Iron Man, Ant-Man and Star Lord helmet do all look a little similar.
Is that a bad thing? Theyre Marvel. Its not like they arent connected.
Thor probably feels so left out being the only one without a helmet. I know some of his fans on the internet do

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